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a sheet that can be easily torn out of a publication

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The primary tools in a packet of materials recently mailed to ACOG's 40,000 members are tear sheets in English and Spanish.
I had a binder full of tear sheets on home design when I was 9," she says.
Please send tear sheets to: Felicia Frazier 2448 Broad Creek Dr.
Instead of collating images and tear sheets, customers can use C.
Product specifications and tear sheets are available for download, including a dedicated page for architects with access to architectural cabinet specs.
I'd also advise not to completely disregard the traditional cork board as, covered with pretty pins, inspirational tear sheets and vintage postcards, it can be a work of art in its own right if put together properly.
From there you entered the meth lab proper: a table with tubing and glass spheres eerily lit from below and piles of cold-medicine boxes (pseudoephedrine being a primary ingredient of methamphetamine) fabricated by the artists, giant stacks of magazines, a lofted area displaying a collage of Fangoria magazine tear sheets, and other visuals that gave the look of chaos and clutter.
The medication information pad contains tear sheets with details on the prescription drugs Metformin, Glitazones, Acarbose, and Sulphonylureas.
Whenever you collect all your tear sheets and your references and all that, to see everything come to life, it's just really, really amazing and fun.
The remainder of the examples and illustrations are from carefully restored tear sheets and comics from the collections of the author and artist.
Educators will also receive four-color, custom tear sheets to distribute to morns-to-be.
Put your tear sheets onto a `mood board' to see how they all look together.
A:I'M glad you enjoy it _ although, as you tend to collect tear sheets rather than the whole issues, why not invest in a box file to keep all your clippings together?
He also welcomes tear sheets for possible use in this column.
We have a variety of good packages we can use, sample issues, tear sheets, and the post-it note.