tear gland

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any of the glands in the eyes that secrete tears

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Most dogs respond well to a special eye drop which stimulates the tear gland to produce greater quantities of tears.
DRY-EYE SYNDROME Signs and cause: The tear glands don't adequately produce tears, prompting a discharge from dry, inflamed eyes.
However, it could be due to Sjogren''s syndrome, in which the immune system attacks the saliva and tear glands," says Dr Carter.
Tsuji and colleagues also report having grown functioning tear glands in the lab.
The cells began mimicking the interactions that occur in embryos, developing into primitive glands, which were then transplanted into adult mice that lacked salivary or tear glands.
2 ( ANI ): In another boost to the creation of bio-engineered organs, scientists have created saliva glands and tear glands in a lab dish, using stem cells from mice.
Accessory tear glands are found in the conjunctiva (glands of Krause and Wolfring), as well as conjunctival goblet cells.
Profits from the lenses will be used to treat people suffering from Stevens Johnson Syndrome, an eye disease Dr Chawan has intensively studied that affects the tear glands.
In addition, the tear glands in girls are anatomically different than boys.
In addition, the eyes become tired and the tear glands cannot produce tears," says Dr Anita.
My tear glands were about ready to overflow, but I was still in control.
TEAR glands are located in our upper eye lids and when we blink, they spread a thin film over our eyeballs to keep them moist.
Usually tear glands, located just above the eye, make tears at the same rate that the tear ducts, located at the inner corner of each eye, drain them away.
You suddenly realize your tear glands are working overtime,'' he said.
Omega-3 help dry eye by decreasing eyelid inflammation called 'blepharitis,' and by improving the production of oil and water by the tear glands.