tear gas

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a gas that makes the eyes fill with tears but does not damage them

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The IOF at the Ofer military prison complex fired stun grenades, tear gas, rubber coated metal bullets as well as live fire at unarmed protestors.
Speaking on the press, Vetyendosye Deputy Glauk Konfuca, claimed that the police helped them to take tear gas inside the parliament.
Coordinator of the anti wall and settlement committee Mohammed Awad said that the Israeli forces stormed the town and proceeded to fire tear gas canisters towards residents and their homes, causing dozens of suffocation cases among them, WAFA reported.
Whether it is cough, a bout of asthma or a heart ailment, it is supposedly due to tear gas.
Tear gas has been fired on Tunisian rioters who took to the streets calling for the immediate resignation of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.
But the firing of tear gas at the stampeding fans seems to have caused even more panic.
My friend Sean was kneeling amidst a tear gas cloud as he treated a patient when a canister fell right under his face and exploded.
Nearby schools were also affected by the tear gas with young students reportedly suffering from tear gas inhalation.
Local sources said to PNN that Israeli soldiers deliberately fired tear gas canisters towards the ranks of al-Zahra girls school located in the southern part of Hebron's old city.
Soon after the events turned violent, Turkish police arrived at the scene and intervened in the protesters with tear gas and pressurized waters.
Equipment such as riot shields and tear gas have been sent to more than 100 countries.
Al Wefaq and other opposition groups have been relentlessly claiming every death in town as being the consequence of tear gas inhalation.
Tests over the weekend found that a Chinese-made tear gas canister fired from a shotgun left a crater 8cm wide and 3cm deep, Pornthip said, noting that it also "left a hole in a metal pipe".
Five Ventura County firefighters were treated Thursday for exposure to potent tear gas that seeped from the attic of an abandoned house being used in a training exercise.
RAMALLAH, August 18, 2017 (WAFA) -- Dozens of Palestinians Friday suffocated by tear gas as Israeli forces violently suppressed the weekly march in the village of Bilin, in the West Bank district of Ramallah, said local sources.