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tear down so as to make flat with the ground

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Work to tear down the interior of the former Joplings store has started
Tear down Mount Rushmore--terrorists are depicted there
Local sources said that soldiers, accompanied by a bulldozer, broke into the village on Tuesday dawn, surrounded the family home of Masalha, then took its residents and locked them up in a room in their neighbour's house before they started to tear down the walls of the apartment.
In this case, prosecutors said, certain pardoned politicians abused their powers to tear down the Cosmos complex of Fijat Canoski, leader of the Party for European Future, in 2011 in revenge for his earlier decision to end his collaboration with VMRODPMNE and become a coalition partner to SDSM.
The Kanawha County Solid Waste Authority wants to tear down the crumbling structure to make way for a safer facility to collect and separate recyclables.
The peer said it was often better to "adopt and adapt" than to tear down, adding "pulsating life" could be given to towns and cities if well-designed new buildings were brought in alongside adaptations to older ones.
EGYPTIAN riot police fired tear gas and clashed with dozens of protesters all day yesterday as they tried to tear down a cement wall built to prevent demonstrators from reaching the parliament and the Cabinet building in central Cairo.
The pending tear down of the PenPly mill will end a once feel-good story that began in 2009 when investors working with the port authority announced they would reopen the former K-Ply plant and restore jobs to the area.
A few civil initiatives reacted to his statements saying that it is outrageous to tear down monuments from the Macedonian national history and that the appeals for tearing down and mining the Skopje 2014 project surpassed even the Taliban regime.
CDATA[ Protesters tear down security wall recently put up near the entrance of the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, tear down the flag and break in.
Transport Minister Janakieski does not have the need to caution that the state will tear down a remainder of nearly 200,000 illegal buildings in Macedonia, which will probably be the number of unregistered buildings for legalization following 3 September, Branko Gorgjeski concludes for Dnevnik.
Tear Down This Wall: A City, a President, and the Speech that Ended the Cold War.
Eyewitnesses told Daily News Egypt that a number of Copts and army soldiers clashed during the attempt to tear down a wall on the border of the land surrounding the monastery.
But now the 71 women, who will serve in the 112th Congress, will be able to walk out the Democratic side of the chamber straight to the bathroom after Incoming House Speaker John Boehner made the decision to tear down the office.
Moschetti and Sons of Templeton planned to tear down completely by the end of the day.