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pot for brewing tea

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Your circa-1913 teapot would probably fetch $50 to $75.
If you aren't able to track down a Mrs Potts teapot, a moneybox version of her is proving more readily available - although you will still have to take your chance and check in store to see if any are still on the shelves.
The small, black Wedgewood teapot was donated to Beamish in 1972, though at the time its provenance was unknown.
At Doncaster last time out, when he was beaten a head by Green Card over a mile, Teapot Row enjoyed the same good to firm conditions as when winning the Royal Lodge.
Teapot Dome rocks support that idea because fern spores lie atop the debris layer from the first impact.
Dave Thurman, another team member says although the teapot is commonly used to show the capabilities of computer graphics systems, the shape is anything but simple.
Shandong is the most active place for Chinese teapot refineries.
A teapot by the ceramic artist Clarice Cliff from 1936 sold for PS198, and a teapot dating from 1875, by what is believed to be the oldest remaining English porcelain brand still in existence today - Royal Worcester - sold for PS538.
Antiques enthusiast Mr Miller's collecting began after his wife bought him a teapot as a Christmas present in 1968.
Strain into a teapot packed with ice and serve chilled in teacups with a slice of fresh lemon.
THE tale of a teapot has revived memories of two very different brothers from more than 100 years ago.
A giant teapot and a studio with a pool view have been shortlisted from 2000 entries.
What she would have made of the creation illustrated here is beyond imagination, but this most famous teapot is one every collector covets.