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Synonyms for teamwork

Synonyms for teamwork

joint work toward a common end

Words related to teamwork

cooperative work done by a team (especially when it is effective)

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As a result of these workplace realities, employers increasingly seek job candidates who possess teamwork knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) in addition to traditional basic KSAs, such as writing in English and reading comprehension.
Lack of teamwork and communication are at the top of the list.
We have an opportunity to exemplify what teamwork is all about.
However, due to difficulties involved in communication and coordination, engaging in effective virtual teamwork is not an easy task (Bourgault, Lefebvre, Lefebvre, Pellerin and Elia 2002; Jonsson, Novosel, Lillieskold and Eriksson 2001; Powell et al.
Nevertheless, some exciting examples of interdisciplinary teamwork abound in the U.
Teamwork is not unique to health care, and what we know about teamwork research comes from a number of disciplines, namely the military," he said.
The value of a teamwork culture should be emphasized.
Dealer Teamwork, a SaaS Company creating solutions for the retail automotive industry, has named Richard Adam Gollhofer as its new sr.
Teamwork provides software/product development and digital marketing services for national and international clients like AGS, Allegiant, Steve Madden and Zappos.
Transforming River Rafting Principles to Rapid Teamwork Realization
Collaborative Caring: Stories and Reflections on Teamwork in Health Care.
The course, which covered the concept of teamwork, how to build it, stressed the importance of developing the teamwork spirit among team members.
This book offers fifty short first-person narratives relating the good, bad, and ugly sides of teamwork in healthcare.
The pilot aimed to test methods for moving the checklist away from being an audit tool and towards it being used as intended, as a teamwork and communication tool.