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Synonyms for teamwork

Synonyms for teamwork

joint work toward a common end

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cooperative work done by a team (especially when it is effective)

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From in house advertising departments, local and national agency clients and helping to develop go-to-market strategies for start-ups, Gollhofer has a broad background, which he brings to Dealer Teamwork.
Both RevUnit and Teamwork have shared passions and nearly identical values, even though the companies were founded in different parts of the country.
He is a keynote speaker, inspiring "Rapid Teamwork.
Their definition of teamwork is largely based on the work of Harvard sociologist J.
5) The importance of teamwork to safety and efficiency of operations has long been recognised and consequently embedded into the education, training and assessment of workers in many industries.
I congratulate both the National University and the Far Eastern University teams for showing us once again the value and power of teamwork.
This is a very important observation, especially considering the expectation thatall of us need to continue learning long after we leave school and teamwork provides a great vehicle for this purpose.
All articles described an empirical study relating to a case-specific safety checklist for surgery as the primary intervention, with some measure of change/improvement in teamwork and/or communication relating to its use.
Over the entire 12 rounds of the simulation we evaluated nine attributes of teamwork four times (after rounds 2, 4, 6, and 7).
They would receive information about teamwork in clinical situations--why it's so important in patient care.
Many students have never taken an online course or have not had one where teamwork was employed, thus many aspects of it will be foreign.
com)-- When the software development team at CollectiveSoft announced that project managers can now take advantage of the time-saving features of Google Cloud Connect from within TeamWork Live, PM's everywhere felt relief from the constant toggle between their PM tools and Google documents.
Although each team member works towards a shared goal, namely promoting the health and wellbeing of the surgical patient through multidisciplinary teamwork, each professional group remains independent of the others.
This is particularly true in health care, where quality improvement depends heavily on teamwork and innovation.