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Synonyms for teamwork

Synonyms for teamwork

joint work toward a common end

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cooperative work done by a team (especially when it is effective)

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To improve the health of its senior citizens, Missouri's TeamWork project will focus on expanding the role of Community Health Workers (CHWs) in helping senior citizens reduce tobacco use, increase healthy eating and learn chronic disease self-management skills.
More recently, the Commission has recognised the checklist, while now routinely used during surgery in every DHB, has not reached its full potential as a tool to improve teamwork and communication within the surgical team.
Determination of acceptable behavior and to identify rules and regulations, in the process of collaborative teamwork approach, for example, listening when speaking group members, no accept comments without reflection, to regard times .
Research in business education indicates that employers are more satisfied with MBA graduates' proficiency in technical skills--such as those in accounting or operations--than with their proficiency in soft managerial skills such as teamwork or leadership.
In 2011, TeamWork Live was further enhanced to allow those migrating from other platforms, such as Basecamp, a one-click import solution, reducing downtime during the switch over to the new platform.
Attempts to understand underlying factors and to foster a climate of teamwork will have a positive impact on a hospital's patient safety climate, conclude the researchers.
Therefore, improving communication during emergency situations by applying the structured teamwork approach could reduce medical errors (Institute of Management 1999; Risser et al.
They cover how to create and implement team training prgrams and quality improvement initiatives and address teamwork development around the world, developing a framework for understanding interprofessional teamwork, and how social science theories, interventions, and evaluation approaches can be used.
The absence of teamwork comes from belief systems that are deeply embedded in health care culture; physician education grounded in a strong sense of autonomy (captain of the ship attitude); and a work environment that supports a hierarchy gradient so steep that it is still considered unacceptable for nurses, and other allied health professionals, to express their opinions freely to physicians.
PERHAPS CONTEMPORARY, corporate America puts too much emphasis on teamwork.
This edition of the Army Communicator is dedicated to our Network Enterprise Centers and as we welcome the 7th Signal Command into the Regiment, it is only fitting that I offer you some thoughts on teamwork and how it is the essence of everything we do.
Whereas a team is defined as a group of people working toward a common goal, teamwork refers to the process that the team employs to achieve that goal.
medical environment needs coordinated interdisciplinary teamwork now more than ever.
WASHINGTON -- Patient safety problems in hospitals often stem from a lack of teamwork and poor communication, James Battles, Ph.
Top management in the organization should communicate that teamwork and collaboration are expected from all team members and that no one member of the team completely owns a work area or process.