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a fellow member of a team


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The organizations on the list were chosen for their benefits offerings, wellness programs, commitment to diversity and inclusion, professional development opportunities and environments that promote teammate satisfaction and work-life balance.
Providing easy-to-use and powerful functionality, TeamMate Analytics will allow auditors to quickly and effectively deploy data analytics in every audit.
Wolters Kluwer Audit, Risk & Compliance announced on Thursday that Aviva, an insurer in UK, has selected its TeamMate audit management system to help increase the efficiency and productivity of Aviva's entire audit management process.
Throughout the onset and recovery of an athletic injury there may be many possible providers of social support including coaches, teammates, medical practitioners and significant others such as friends and family (Petitpas, 1999).
The TeamMate suite consists of five main products that can be used independently or in any combination.
Decorate the outside of the box to show your teammates something about yourself.
At that very same moment, the nearest teammate will be alerting/coaching his teammates.
A great teammate is forgiving when you make mistakes.
When the branch audit is complete, TeamMate Broker Dealer automatically drafts the final report and tracks any findings through to remediation.
ACUA's strategic relationship with TeamMate demonstrates our commitment to helping our members address and improve their risk mitigation efforts, internal control processes and compliance monitoring systems," said Douglas Horr, president, ACUA.
We have teams that perform at very high levels of success even though teammates do not get along with one another.
And with eight seconds to go, Haasis dropped back and threw the final pass of his high school career to a teammate who ran out of bounds after a 37-yard gain.
MINNEAPOLIS -- ARC Logics, a Wolters Kluwer business, announced today that its newest release of the CCH TeamMate internal auditing software is now available.
According to the SI story, a month ago teammate Jason Giambi challenged his teammate to rise to the occasion and told manager Joe Torre to stop coddling the superstar.
In football, it is the unnoticed lineman who makes a key block away from the ball who can give his teammate an opportunity for a touchdown.