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a fellow member of a team


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Paul is heading to play for the Oklahoma City Thunder after being included in a trade that reunited former Thunder teammates Russell Westbrook and James Harden in Houston.
He admitted that his recent call to LeBron James was to apologize for not seeing the bigger picture when they were teammates.
Benilde teammates Djanel Cheng, Ranya Musa and Rachel Austero - the same core that won them the collegiate crown three years back.
In the end, it is about being a valued member of the formation and the key to that is being a great Leader, Teammate, and Communicator.
Following claims earlier this week that national ice-skater Lee Seung-hoon physically harassed younger teammates, a government investigation has revealed that skating star Shim Suk-hee's coach consistently harassed her, deepening further the issue of physical abuse inside Korean ice-skating circles.
Looking further into the totals of Ruth's home runs when Gehrig was his teammate on the New York roster indicates the two sluggers combined for 792 homers.
In keeping with the philosophy behind Toyota's Mobility Teammate Concept-a unique approach to automated driving that stresses the importance of a partner-like relationship between people and cars-the Urban Teammate system was created to test the application of automated driving technologies on ordinary roads.
Even if the assignment is the idea of one teammate, it is important to understand that each member is invested in the group assignment.
Another related study demonstrated playing cooperatively with a helpful teammate in a non-violent video game not only increases pro-social or helping behaviors toward teammates but opposing team members as well.
Hamilton's teammate Nico Rosberg fought back following a first-lap error to take second place, sealing the constructors' title for Mercedes.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-May 2, 2014-Wolters Kluwer Audit, Risk & Compliance's TeamMate solution selected by Aviva
Stung by stories teammate Nico Rosberg is the smarter of the Mercedes duo, Hamilton defended his winning record and backed it up in style on the track yesterday.
On a quarterly basis, the Banyan Spirit Committee comprised of representatives from every Banyan department meet to discuss companywide issues that promote teammate participation.
Nine in ten (90%) of the youngsters questioned said they believe their teammates have felt under pressure to win, with almost two thirds (64.3%) suggesting this has led to a teammate cheating or bending the rules.
And Joris Mathijsen, Robben's Dutch teammate, said: "Apart from Lionel Messi, only Arjen Robben can decide a game at the very highest level."