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a sport that involves competition between teams of players

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Do Jong-hwan, minister of culture, sports and tourism, revealed his limited understanding of team sports during a meeting with lawmakers in the National Assembly on Monday.
This will be only the second time Iran has qualified to compete in a team sport in the Olympics.
For those on the shy side and that need the encouragement to find their voice, a team sport can offer them self-confidence and support from the team to come "out of their shell.
Running performance in team sports has been shown to influence overall team success (Gabbett et al.
British Swimming called it "a very dark day for British sport" while basketball called for a change in the funding system to treat team sports differently.
This is all very on-message for some elements of the educational world, who see competitive team sports as a wonderful metaphor for life.
There is some healthy competition in team sport, which is fantastic for making you work a little bit harder.
But team sports could be the key to keeping children on the right path, it suggests.
The Cubs Journal could well serve as a template for similar sports club histories in baseball or any other team sport.
Broadly applying the term Major League to the highest levels of professional team sport in North America, Brucato records the annual championships for sixty leagues in eleven team sports--baseball, basketball, football, arena football, lacrosse, indoor lacrosse, hockey, roller hockey, soccer, indoor soccer, and tennis.
And Bean was the third athlete in an American professional team sport to come out since Dave Kopay, a National Football League all-pro, went public about his sexual orientation in 1975.
Frequently referred to as the fastest team sport in the world, professional ice hockey is unique--the only non-martial arts sport where you can legally punch your opponent's lights out.
A successful national team sport must offer partisan participants and supporters; potential heroes and villains; competitiveness and needle; excitement and atmosphere; group elation or despair; and most importantly, a future foundation for encouraging people from all backgrounds to compete in or support it.
In other words, by playing a team sport that you enjoy, you will probably see a bigger improvement in your training, fitness and sport-specific skills than if you tried to improve in the same areas by yourself.
Following the successful London 2012 bid, James and Nathan - both members of McDonald's Team Sport - visited Nathan's former school, Mynydd Cynffig Junior School in Bridgend.