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a sport that involves competition between teams of players

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For those on the shy side and that need the encouragement to find their voice, a team sport can offer them self-confidence and support from the team to come "out of their shell.
This is all very on-message for some elements of the educational world, who see competitive team sports as a wonderful metaphor for life.
And today, with increasing numbers of gay men and women in most professions living openly, professional team sports may be the only job category in America--aside from the military--where the closet remains sealed.
GLASGOW University's physiology and sports science expert Dr Stan Grant says there are a number of physiological and psychological benefits to team sport.
The most popular contact sport in the world, rugby is fastest growing team sport in the United States among children, teens and young adults.
Researchers found that sexual minority girls were less likely to participate in team sports, and more likely to be obese, than heterosexual girls.
20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --LIDS Team Sports, the team apparel division of Indianapolis-based LIDS Sports Group, has agreed to become the official uniform sponsor of the 2012 East-West Shrine Game[R].
ISLAMABAD, March 26, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Children who play team sports are less likely than their peers to smoke, but sports cannot beat the influence of movies.
Participation in organized sports has long been considered good for one's health, but a large survey indicates that team sports don't always lead teenagers to engage in healthier behavior.
Washington, July 7 (ANI): Participation in team sports lowers the odds of children smoking, but it can't compete with the powerful influence of smoking in movies, according to a new study.
He aims to present a text that has a more rigorous and analytical treatment of the topic than others available, with a concentration on team sports only.
The event includes 12 individual and four team sports involving 24 disciplines.
Perhaps because of Title IX as well as the American emphasis on team sports in general, the U.
Melbourne will present 12 individual and four team sports involving 24 disciplines.
2 million youngsters are on an organized team, another 10 million play team sports on a pickup basis, and about 12 million aren't involved in team sports at all.