team spirit

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the spirit of a group that makes the members want the group to succeed

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Coach Katrina Cottrell was bursting with pride after the win, but believes there is still more to come from Team Spirit.
What I would say is there is a fantastic team spirit at the club and for me that goes a long way in football.
We've done really well this season and towards the end of last season; I think the team spirit plays a massive part in that.
The togetherness in the dressing room and the team spirit is probably the best I've ever experienced.
In a tweet sent yesterday to his 687k followers, Shaikh Mohammad stated: "One main reason behind the success of our Union is the one team spirit, found in every citizen.
Oldham-based Team Spirit, who run around 400 events a year, will concentrate on conference energisers, motivational events, evening entertainment, and themed evenings within The Belfry's extensive range of suites.
Meanwhile, McLeish has underlined the importance of team spirit in football dressing rooms, even if the players aren't "in love with each other".
We would integrate everybody, welcome new players, that kind of thing so team spirit is very important to the success of any team.
ANTHONY PILKINGTON is in no doubt Norwich's team spirit can help them achieve the collective goal of Premier League survival.
The CEO of Barclays Plc (LSE: BARC) has said that he has implemented a new policy in the company to promote team spirit.
ENGLAND have been told they need to rediscover their team spirit if they are to emulate Germany.
Baghdad (NINA) - MP from the State of Law Coalition, Abdul Salam Al Maliki, said his bloc will propose an initiative to the other blocs to work in one team spirit regardless of the slates and party affiliations, confirming his bloc's intention to host other ministers in the parliament.
Now dormant, Team Spirit nevertheless serves to further US and ROK political aims on the Korean peninsula, especially in ensuring that North Korea lives up to its nuclear treaty obligations.
NEWCASTLE defender David Rozehnal is confident his side's renewed team spirit will drag them up the Premier League table.