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Synonyms for teamwork

Synonyms for teamwork

joint work toward a common end

Words related to teamwork

cooperative work done by a team (especially when it is effective)

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The challenge for Toby is to become a good team player.
Rather than saying you are a team player, give an example of where you've worked in a team and what your contribution was, he asserted.
BAHRAIN's national soccer team players Ala'a Hubail, Rashid Al Sherooghi, Rashid Al Allan and Abdulla Abdo leave today for Munich to undergo treatment for their injuries.
The Hoylake Cottage was presented with the memorabilia signed by all the first team players of each team.
What can you do to become a truly valuable team player and a leader?
In May last year, the Championship side lost youth team player Kiyan Prince, who was stabbed to death.
Golden League All-League Volleyball Team Player of the Year: Roxy Neely, Sr.
A former military man and corporate VP, Benitz is a versatile and resourceful team player who makes sure the client gets all the special attention, while he focuses on the bottom line and "getting things done.
When he heard about the devastation that Hurricane Katrina brought to the Gulf Coast, he responded with the instinctive swiftness of a team player and brought his crew and equipment to Pascagoula, Mississippi.
The Parker Team Player Survey is an easy-to-use, self-assessment exercise that helps individuals identify their primary team player style--contributor, collaborator, communicator or challenger.
in October, one of 40 soldier-athletes became Military Traffic Management Command's first All-Army rugby team player.
OTHER AWARDS: Gary Mills Tenner Club Player of the Year: Mark Hallam; Herald Player of the Year: Darren Roberts; Reserve Team Player of the Year: Adam Chetwynd; Youth Team Player of the Year: Adam Fletcher.
I see it as being a team player and good networking, It is important to develop relationships with those in power and who are where you want to be.
Be a team player, but remember that being a team player means participating fully rather than just going along to get along.
I said that to be a good team player we must be willing to place our personal interests second to those of the team, to bend a little.
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