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Synonyms for teal

a blue-green color or pigment

any of various small short-necked dabbling river ducks of Europe and America

of a bluish shade of green

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However, for those of you who take pride in a Patternmaster being rusted into your barrel, note that virtually all the pattern was concentrated in the center portion, and anything hit with it would be teal burger
The Teal Group is an aerospace and defense market analysis firm based in Fairfax, Virginia USA.
The speed and rancy moves of teal are somewhat offset by short distance.
He said Teal acted out of character and he and his partner blamed a change in his medication prescribed for anxiety and depression.
TRICKS WITH TEAL "To create the latest look, combine with other tones of teal, green or blue to create a tone-on-tone effect," Thompson suggests.
teal Celebs are loving this beautiful bluey-green colour.
With the existing local infrastructure and expertise, particularly in handling special chemicals, our BrunsbE-ttel plant is in an ideal position to produce TEAL reliably and in high quality and quantities, offering our global customers maximum product and supply security.
Those interested in learning more about the type of solutions available from Teal Products can visit the website at http://www.
Just as pink is the color representing the fight against breast cancer, teal is the color that represents the fight against ovarian cancer, the horrific disease that claimed the life of the group's heroic founder, Anne Rita Monahan, on May 13, 2009 after a nearly 20-year battle with the disease.
Cosmo' cluster pendant light in teal, pounds 150, Linea @ House of Fraser Nouveau floor lamp, pounds 99, Woolworths Chrysler curved lamp, pounds 49, Woolworths Taper floor light, pounds 99, M&S Teal tiered lampshade, pounds 25, Isme Dexter task floor lamp, pounds 180, House of Fraser Tu tonal ceramic lamp, pounds 25, Sainsbury's Vate paper light, pounds 7.
CLARE Teal will be singing in the new year at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall following a whirlwind 2011.
Abney and Teal are the latest characters from Stratford-based Ragdoll Productions and are making their debut in the UK on CBeebies.
Dubai Epsom trainer Roger Teal is hoping Steele Tango can continue to live the Dubai dream and get into the $5 million Duty Free on Dubai World Cup night.