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At such places, a cup might cost three times as much as it would in a regular teahouse, but here women and families can be accommodated in an open environment as opposed to regular chai khaanas that are usually dominated by men only.
For a man's world, the teahouse is (or was) a space of gathering outside the family home while women and their collective cultures of drinking tea were confined to the home or places closer to home.
Tea's popularity in North America is growing and consumers are learning even more about tea, which means sales are increasing in retail shops, teahouses, online, at restaurants and more.
It sounds like a far cry from a teahouse in Newcastle," Tom admitted.
The teahouse was built more than 350 years ago and was restored in 1978.
Textile firm Camira has provided upholstery fabric to fit out the Yauatcha Chinese teahouse in Lon-|don for the Chinese Year of the Sheep
As well as pop art pictures of sheep, the teahouse is having an interiors makeover from the Campaign for Wool.
Carli McNaught gave up her job in London to launch the Olde Young Teahouse five years ago.
The Chinese perception of Chengdu's citizens is that they're rather laid back - they spend their days in the city's many teahouses, putting the world to rights, gossiping, playing cards and maybe conducting a bit of business.
Meanwhile, people feel themselves in a museum while they are visit the interesting teahouse which attracts many people with its different style.
Baghdad, Sha'ban 25, 1434, Jul 4, 2013, SPA - Officials say gunmen in speeding cars shot and killed three people in Baghdad while a bombing at a teahouse the night before also killed three.
Matt Thomas has opened Townshend's Teahouse at 41 W.
The main factor that has made Machko so recognized amongst Kurdish people, and even foreign tourists, is not only the type of tea and coffee presented, but it is the traditional mode the teahouse has kept from long time ago also.
But, now the teahouse has been re-inaugurated much to the happiness of the intellectuals.
Tehran is hosting an exhibition of Persian teahouse painting, an art sometimes dismissed in the past but which has been getting renewed attention and respect in recent years.