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a certificate saying that the holder is qualified to teach in the public schools

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Western's Career Services Center conducts the annual survey of graduates who received bachelor's degree, master's degrees, and teaching certificates.
The board revoked Montalvo's teaching certificate in 2011.
Courses Accredited by Fedant (Federation of Antenatal Educators) with an International Teaching Certificate
Melanie Rose-Zagwyn has a BFA degree and Art Education Teaching Certificate from the Massachusetts College of Art and has served as New England Village's Art Director for the past 14 years.
She started her teaching career as a math instructor for an Upward Bound summer program at Northern Arizona University before pursuing a secondary education master's degree and a post-baccalaureate teaching certificate at the same university.
Now, he has swapped the pitch for the classroom and is teaching anatomy, physiology and research methods at the college, while also studying for his formal teaching certificate.
Julia Rawlinson claimed she had a doctorate in psychology from Glasgow University and a postgraduate teaching certificate.
Participants who acquire the required points in the scientific and educational indices will receive Nano Teaching Certificate from Promotion Workgroup of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) at the three levels of 'Grade A', 'Grade B', and 'Grade C'.
Having studied music at Huddersfield University, he went on to gain a post-graduate teaching certificate at Durham University.
To enter training programs preparing candidates for the credential needed to teach in primary schools, the primary teaching certificate (PTC), applicants normally must have completed matriculation.
After completing her matriculation examinations she went to college in Llandaff to complete a course in Domestic Science before then achieving her teaching certificate and working as a travelling educator.
Whilst the ideal would be for all teachers to be graduates and have a fully accredited teaching certificate and diploma, the reality of the situation requires that alternative and relevant training solutions must be available.
In this work for historians and general readers, Mercatante, who holds a teaching certificate in history and political science, argues that Germany came closer to winning the war than has previously been recognized.
She also had a degree in chemistry and a teaching certificate and she wanted to work again.
In addition to all of his many successes, Bob also earned a Florida Teaching Certificate to teach part time at the Community College level for Banking, Mortgage Lending and Economic Courses.
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