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a certificate saying that the holder is qualified to teach in the public schools

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We are pleased to support this exciting initiative through NASA's Endeavor STEM Teaching Certificate Project.
The board revoked Montalvo's teaching certificate in 2011.
According to the regulations of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council, contestants who acquire Nano Teaching Certificate can receive financial support for the organization of educational and promotional nanotechnology seminars.
Whilst the ideal would be for all teachers to be graduates and have a fully accredited teaching certificate and diploma, the reality of the situation requires that alternative and relevant training solutions must be available.
In this work for historians and general readers, Mercatante, who holds a teaching certificate in history and political science, argues that Germany came closer to winning the war than has previously been recognized.
In addition to all of his many successes, Bob also earned a Florida Teaching Certificate to teach part time at the Community College level for Banking, Mortgage Lending and Economic Courses.
Classes are led by Julia Faire, a skills for life tutor, with a Postgraduate Certificate of Education qualification, and a Level 4 Literacy Teaching certificate.
Additionally, the agreement stipulates that all the exchanged will enroll in a special teaching skills program concurrently with their study program, so that they receive a teaching certificate upon their return home,.
He will not be allowed to apply for his teaching certificate to be restored for two years.
After her degree she achieved a post-graduate teaching certificate in Newcastle, specialising in English.
Those who complete the course can go on to study for a professional Institute Membership Diploma, a career in middle or senior management or a Post Graduate Teaching Certificate.
According to Al Nu'aimi, the new system will evaluate new hires based on internationally approved standards where teachers should hold a specialised degree on the subject being taught with preference given to applicants with an additional teaching certificate.
Most are eligible for Florida's three-year temporary teaching certificate, which requires a bachelor's degree and passing a subject knowledge test or completing college courses in the subject with at least a 2.
She earned her teaching certificate at age 18 and graduated from Monmouth Normal School.
Leigh returned to complete a teaching certificate at the Blossomfield Road campus.
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