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materials and equipment used in teaching

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Last year, the club put their Wish Sport money towards this same teaching aid and fundraising is continuing.
It's one of the fascinating teaching aids on display to interest potential new students at Coleg Llandrillo Cymru's Rhos on Sea campus on Saturday, June 18.
Later, an exhibition of teaching aids was opened as part of the conference.
Influence of subject narration to the environmental knowledge and attitudes of primary students: Using portable teaching aid boxes as the example.
Now the furry teaching aid has made an appearance in the House of Lords to launch a new teaching pack developed by the university and supported by the Sutton Trust.
This interesting and easy to understand production is a great teaching aid in the study of DNA replication and telomeres in biology/biotechnology and an effective study tool in the learning of different disorders and the affect of cognitive therapy in a psychology or health class.
Sections cover choosing content, the philosophy of physical chemistry, teaching literature reviews, laboratory literature review, problem-solving issues in quantum mechanics, using computers as a teaching aid, American Chemical Society exams, and innovative ways of teaching.
Friendly encouragement, emphasis on proper hygiene, and a wealth of extras including sing-along songs, a music player, and a blooper reel make for an invaluable parental and teaching aid.
In a school setting, videos and DVDs are generally used judiciously as a teaching aid.
I READ your article on the college using computer games as a teaching aid.
Intended to be read over summer break, this teaching aid identifies 37 tasks for preparing a classroom management plan for correcting student behavior and increasing student motivation.
And Mohn created a teaching aid which shows how the earth's orbit causes seasons to change.
For educators who are interested in innovative ways to display student projects, ArtHouse, from Storyboard Toys, is a wonderfully versatile teaching aid that looks like a dollhouse but can efficiently model any kind of building.
Used judiciously as a teaching aid, the Apocalypse can help to expose the sham.
On the original, unpainted catalogue page, a schoolmaster surveys the work of his pupils as they raise their hands to inscribe mathematical calculations on a blackboard that is in fact the teaching aid the advertisement promotes (indeed some letters of the word Schreibflache, or "writing surface," can still be seen through the blue of the sky to the left of the balloon).
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