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Synonyms for teaching

the act, process, or art of imparting knowledge and skill

a principle taught or advanced for belief, as by a religious or philosophical group

Synonyms for teaching

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c in a recent poll, nearly two thirds of Americans favored teaching creationism alongside evolution in schools.
Poor urban and rural districts are most often the ones in which teachers are emergency certified (one of six teachers in California's poor schools don't have teaching certificates), have little teaching experience, or are only certified in one of the several subjects they are expected to teach.
Unfortunately, some instructors place little emphasis on teaching adult learners or, further, communicating with the increasing number of "Generation Xers.
With only a few states continuing to require teaching experience for school-counselor licensure (American Counseling Association, 2003), interest may finally shift from whether non-teachers can be effective to how to prepare students who come from a variety of backgrounds.
There are a variety of teaching strategies and modifications that are recommended for all children, but are absolutely critical for those students with LD.
Because of various time and curricular constraints in the "student teaching seminar," which often meets once per week during the semester or as few as seven sessions, leaves minimal time for teacher educators to responsibly cover and support the needs of the student teachers in the employment preparation process.
If the commission's recommendations in this area had one animating theme, it was the need to attract a more talented pool of individuals to teaching.
We are in a position to integrate, within the same technology, teaching about scholarship, production of scholarship, delivery of information and services, and effective use of these simultaneously.
The newest trend in education is "Brain-Based Learning and Teaching," culled from the research in the human brain and its implications for the classroom teacher and coach.
IT'S FOURTH PERIOD AT HARTFORD PUBLIC High in Connecticut, and it's clear that good teaching is hard to define, but easy to see.
Linking Teachers Around the World: Common Threads in Piano Teaching Irina Koulikova; Laurie Pickering; Scott McBride Smith, moderator
A course embedded assessment with the objective of teaching the university mission to students in a professional graduate program is described.
Citizens of the Heavenly City A Catechism of Catholic Social Teaching WRITTEN BY Arthur Hippler PUBLISHED BY Borromeo Books, St.
George Saltsman, the director of Educational Technology for the Adams Center of Teaching Excellence at Abilene Christian University (Texas), also serves as an adjunct part-time instructor for the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications.
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