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Synonyms for teaching

the act, process, or art of imparting knowledge and skill

a principle taught or advanced for belief, as by a religious or philosophical group

Synonyms for teaching

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Some lesser points of the dialogue may be noted, such as (1) the acute observation that Meno prefers the familiar definition, which is embellished with poetical language, to the better and truer one; or (2) the shrewd reflection, which may admit of an application to modern as well as to ancient teachers, that the Sophists having made large fortunes; this must surely be a criterion of their powers of teaching, for that no man could get a living by shoemaking who was not a good shoemaker; or (3) the remark conveyed, almost in a word, that the verbal sceptic is saved the labour of thought and enquiry (ouden dei to toiouto zeteseos).
There is limited information on the short and long-term benefits of the use of PBL to teach exercise physiology, as well as on student perceptions of the teaching strategy.
Citizens of the Heavenly City A Catechism of Catholic Social Teaching WRITTEN BY Arthur Hippler PUBLISHED BY Borromeo Books, St.
But this became intriguing since I'm celebrating my 40th teaching year.
George Saltsman, the director of Educational Technology for the Adams Center of Teaching Excellence at Abilene Christian University (Texas), also serves as an adjunct part-time instructor for the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications.
This is a short report on teaching a course on late medieval and early renaissance art in Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, in the summer of 2004.
Some moved directly into the classroom and are now teaching as professionally qualified faculty (see "Emerging Opportunities for Professionally Qualified Faculty," page 34).
There are so many students who have really touched me, and that's one of the reasons I went into teaching.
Finkelstein was hired in June 2004 to head up the creation of a standards-based, rigorous approach to teaching dance in the public schools that would allow students to delve deeply into the art form and study it sequentially, just as they do with other subjects like math or English.
A dichotomy may have been perceived to exist between teaching history and developing students' cognitive and other types of skills, but the debate has now shifted to deciding on the emphasis that should be given to skills' promotion.
Kansas, of course, has been the firestorm capital of the struggle surrounding evolution teaching in this generation--even though its new science standards approved in November 2005 do not even advocate intelligent design per se.
I'd like to offer my recommendation about how to approach the teaching of "intelligent design" in our schools.
Teaching teens to exercise self-control and embrace a chaste lifestyle in today's highly sexualized society requires more than rigid rules.
To help students understand the debate between those who favor teaching evolution in school science classes and those who want to teach an alternative explanation of the origin of life, which they call intelligent design.
was the phrase I heard most often during my first day of teaching at Upper Darby High.
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