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Synonyms for Teach

give lessons in


Synonyms for Teach

to impart knowledge and skill to

Synonyms for Teach

an English pirate who operated in the Caribbean and off the Atlantic coast of North America (died in 1718)

accustom gradually to some action or attitude

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Our music practice teaches us persistence, and, without a doubt, students reap rewards in proportion to their persistence.
Chula Vista resident Eduardo OchoaeIUs classroom is always open to his eighth-grade students at Marston Middle School in San Diego, where he teaches U.
Coco Mendoza, 35, teaches kindergarten; Norma Mendoza, 37, teaches first grade; Dora Mendoza Alvarez, 28, teaches third; and Rosa Mendoza, 31, teaches fourth.
Next she teaches a Vivaldi variation of her own that demands more subtle movements.
I also realize that a community-college compensation package is not as attractive as one for someone who spends several years earning a PhD and teaches at the university level.
Hammel teaches music education and music appreciation at the University of Richmond in Virginia.
The Church teaches "that it is licit to take into account the natural rhythm immanent in the generative functions--the Church is coherent with herself when She considers recourse to the infecund periods to be licit while at the same time condemning, as being always illicit, the use of means directly contrary to fecundation" (Humanae vitae, n.
It is fundamental to our faith that the church teaches as a faithful witness to the Good News of jesus Christ, from ancient times through the present, guided by the Holy Spirit.
For each course the professor teaches, students fill out evaluations, usually 13 questions to rate different factors from "poor" to "excellent"; a salary committee assesses all the evidence, and a final rating is computed.
Peiyu Ye teaches at the Northern Secondary School attached to East China Normal University in Shanghai, China.
Taube teaches mathematics methods courses and implements professional development programs for teachers.
Faye Valentine, who teaches photography and ceramics at Valencia High, has been a teacher with the William S.
A syllabus is only as good as the teacher who teaches it," she explained.
A believer has the absolute obligation of conforming his conduct first and foremost to what the Church teaches .
When they think about it, of course, they know that the church as a whole teaches infallibly whenever bishops from all over the world get together in council with the bishop of Rome and declare something to be a doctrine of faith.
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