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Synonyms for Teach

give lessons in


Synonyms for Teach

to impart knowledge and skill to

Synonyms for Teach

an English pirate who operated in the Caribbean and off the Atlantic coast of North America (died in 1718)

accustom gradually to some action or attitude

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He is poor and they are rich; his profession that he teaches nothing is opposed to their readiness to teach all things; his talking in the marketplace to their private instructions; his tarry-at-home life to their wandering from city to city.
The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy's not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.
We were both too much engaged with the sufferings of the poor man, for until this moment I did not observe you," said the lady--with that kind of instinctive quickness that teaches the fair the importance of an amiable exterior, in the eyes of the other sex.
It teaches profoundly the insignificance of the atoms of creation.
I've yet to hear anyone who teaches a course that blends in technology share a description of such a glowing moment during the technology phases of their courses and very few during the face-to-face phases.
Now Hanlon teaches MBA students seven weeks each year and devotes the rest of her time to research.
Today she's head of Vasquez's English department and teaches advanced placement and senior English.
Pope John Paul II teaches that married couples who have recourse to the natural regulation of fertility might do so without valid reasons (General Audience, August 8, 1984).
Jen Miller, who teaches ninth-grade biology in Dover, sees no conflict between evolution and religion.
When the pope teaches infallibly, very specific conditions must be met.
Under No Child Left Behind, all teachers in classrooms must be "highly qualified"--meaning a teacher who holds a bachelor's degree, has demonstrated knowledge of the subject that he or she actually teaches, and is either fully certified or completing a certification program.
They mentioned having to adjust to new age levels, sometimes to a new school, to new expectations, to needing to know a broader curriculum and "who teaches what," to elementary students' art and physical education schedules, and to "principals' and teachers' attitudes toward counseling.
Charles Darwin's famous theory, he told the Texas Board of Education in September, teaches youngsters that they are no better than vermin.
Our music practice teaches us the importance of trying new ideas and new methods to master a passage.
Burch teaches teachers how to deliver lessons in part so students think more about strategy.
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