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Historical Context for the Origin of Stowe Teachers College
From her present position at Teachers College, Judith Burton enjoys the rich legacy of leadership in art education achieved by her predecessor, Edwin Ziegfeld.
Major histories of higher education pay almost no attention to the teachers college tradition (Rudolph, 1990; Thelin, 2004), yet these institutions were essential to educating the majority of college students in the 20th century.
In the years since, I have discovered James Borland's scholarship in a variety of formats--ranging from a center he cofounded at Teachers College, Columbia University (The Hollingworth Center), to his seminal book, Planning & Implementing Programs for the Gifted.
And yet this volume and its publication by Teachers College Press suggest that the wave of "critical theory," which breeds an unhealthy disrespect for the best in scientific research and has for some decades now infected to various degrees all academic fields, is well established in the world of education.
He later earned his master's degree from Colorado State Teachers College and taught history at Harvard University.
Goodwin is the Associate Dean of Teacher Education at Teachers College.
Twelve years ago, Teachers College gained a great educational leader when Arthur Levine took over as president.
Reston, Virginia: The National Art Education Association and Teachers College Press, 2003.
Our trouble is, George, we do not have acquaintances" of such sophistication, because "San Marcos [State Teachers College, Johnson's humble undergraduate institution] didn't produce them.
1} On 18 May 2001, fifty years after its original dedication, the Adelaide Teachers College War Memorial was rededicated in the Barr Smith Library at the University of Adelaide.
She graduated from Cortland State Teachers College and signed the first teaching contract of the graduating class.
In a separate tender, consultants will be sought to revise the Teachers College primary curriculum to ensure preparedness of graduate teachers.
Erdman championed modern dance at Columbia University's Teachers College, Bard College (where she served as dance department director from 1954-1957), and New York University, where she founded the Dance Theater Program at the School of the Arts.
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