teacher-student relation

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the academic relation between teachers and their students

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Both positive and negative attitudes originate from different perspectives of the teacher-student relations.
The traditional teacher-student relation must be rigorously reexamined in light of the fact that the alterity of the Other comes from a height; it is a teaching.
Levinas's radical rethinking of existence inspires a similar rethinking of the teacher-student relation as primarily an ethical relation.
But while his "Without Walls" blurs the rules that govern normal teacher-student relations, the play ultimately is trapped by its limited premise and lacking in the thematic veracity that made Uhry's "Driving Miss Daisy" so convincing.
The instrument consisted of 42 items into 8 categories: Teacher-Student Relations (12 items), Security and Maintenance (5 items), Student Academic Orientation (4 items), Student Behavioral Values (3 items), Guidance (4 items), Students-Peer Relationships (4 items), Instructional Management (7 items), and Students Activities (3 items) (See Appendix A).
There are as many directions in mode of instruction, repertoire choice, practice techniques and teacher-student relations as there are students and teachers.
Meuser shows the importance of good teacher-student relations and how they can lead to real success in schools.
It sets out how teacher-student relations are to be handled.
A democratic approach to teaching/learning rejects rigid teacher-student relations and the individualistic views of learning integral to the technocratic approach and relies on active construction of connected and critical ways of knowing.
The most frequently noted communication characteristic was the ability to communicate effectively with students and to handle teacher-student relations.
A despairing, almost entirely downbeat look at urban schools and the state of contempo teacher-student relations, "187" aestheticizes its realistic subject matter in a way that makes one reject the film even while accepting some of its truths.
The impact of positive teacher-student relations, however, is contingent upon the organizational and structural characteristics of high schools.