teacher's pet

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the teacher's favorite student

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Teacher's pets were more likely to report earning less than $35,000 per year at 37 percent.
It is evident that the Diesel students are an enthusiastic bunch--all the work done in building Teacher's Pet and Late Assignment was done during students' spare time not during class time.
The Teacher's Pet Program is open to K-12 organizations at accredited institutions in the United States.
Jamie was mauled by a teacher's pet Alaskan Malamute which was brought to Carniny Primary School in Ballymena, Co Antrim, as a treat for the kids on Friday of last week.
Then just two days later Barton declares himself the finest midfielder in England, claims Frank Lampard is past his best, Steven Gerrard is injury-prone, Gareth Barry is a teacher's pet and Ousmane Dabo, the team-mate he once battered, is a 'pussy'.
Di Radfield (Temple), T captain of the diving team, isn't happy when a new pupil arrives and usurps her as teacher's pet.
Not satisfied with what she had said, she went on to say that Minogue was a teacher's pet to Cowell, and that her eyes "turned brown as she had her head so far up his backside".
Ffion reveals the staffroom gossip about Gaynor and Cai's relationship and says the teaching staff aren't happy that Cai is the head teacher's pet.
Elliot also played a teacher's pet in the most recent Harry Potter film.
I wasn't what you would call a teacher's pet at school but history and sport really interested me.
When success comes we criticise, we deride, we even resort to name calling - from the teacher's pet of the classroom, to the fat cats of the boardroom.
Because they think in words, those who are strong in word smarts were the teacher's pet in English and creative writing and learn most quickly through lectures and books.
THE parents of a little boy mauled by his teacher's pet dog said yesterday they do not blame anybody for the school playground attack.
Barton derided the former Aston Villa player, describing him in a French football magazine as "a teacher's pet.