teacher's pet

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the teacher's favorite student

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SOMETIMES being treated as the teacher's pet isn't enough, because your rival still has that 100 per cent, A+, scholarship- winning score at the bottom of her report card to throw in your face.
Perhaps the next time around the Welsh Government might need to start behaving less like teacher's pet when it comes to the rule book.
No one can believe what a teacher's pet he's being.
Mancini also leapt to the defence of City midfielder Gareth Barry after he was ridiculed as a teacher's pet by Newcastle's former City player Joey Barton.
My friends think I am a teacher's pet who gets awards for being kind.
children to be kiss-asses--the teacher's pet, the coach's
Unlike books on classroom management, this book on the social psychology of interactions in the classroom covers relevant theory and research, students' and teachers' nonverbal communication, the effects of teacher expectations (including the teacher's pet phenomenon), sociometric measurement in the classroom, the social structure of the student society, and the social psychology of educating and changing students.
He tells us that the students who didn't demonstrate weren't penalized, but how could students be certain that their unwillingness to play along with a teacher's pet project wasn't going to hurt their grade?
Good thing, too, because things were getting nasty between teacher's pet Natasha and battleaxe burger mum Julie.
If Flight Path is anything to go by, I would imagine he would have been teacher's pet.
Angus is yet another version of the sweet, well-meaning, but essentially clueless kid striving fruitlessly to change the world that Gleitzman celebrates in his novels, such as Teacher's Pet and Girl Underground.
Built from the ground up by student members of the Diesel Power Equipment Technology Club, Teacher's Pet is an amazing piece of machinery with a John Deere 619 engine, no blower, Bosch fuel system, stock pistons and liners, and stock transmission.
The store, called Teacher's Pet, sells used school supplies at a discount to help instructors stay within their tight budgets, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.
Disney's Teacher's Pet offers a perfect contrast, a hand-drawn cartoon comedy about a talking dog, Spot, who wants to be a human boy, and starts appropriately with an entertaining parody of Pinocchio.
Entertaining as they were, given the wide exposure Teacher's Pet and SquareBob SpongePants can get on YTV or Teletoon, such episodes seemed an unnecessary commercial intrusion into the festival's more independent spirit; although, Genndy Tartakovky's Samurai Jack (Best Television Series) works very well on the big screen.