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Synonyms for teachable

capable of being educated

Synonyms for teachable

ready and willing to be taught


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Our company started as a side-project to scratch an itch," said Teachable CEO and Founder Ankur Nagpal, "I was teaching courses on Udemy with our now co-founder.
My teachable point of view is to be a problem solver who seeks other perspectives and understands the importance of trust in every interaction.
I still refuse to call the American bison a buffalo but if someone else does, I view it as just another teachable moment covering a variety of topics ranging from how we use words to how we classify living organisms, or, at the very least, an opportunity for a good argument over some beers with someone who sees it another way.
Holidays are ripe with such teachable moments and opportunities to acknowledge or be generous to others," the authors write.
My goal is to answer this question, at least in part, by sharing my more memorable experiences as a life-flight nurse, linking each story to a teachable event.
The mental skills to cope with the pressure that elite sportsmen have to deal with all the time are easily teachable and at ElevenSports, we have a mission to bring those skills to the awareness of sportsmen at any level.
It's a teachable moment, as people keep saying, and I think it's a teachable moment about higher education policy issues, about the relationship between democracy and education, and about students' roles in their own civic life," Heinecke, an associate professor in U.
If you are not using the ABT cover images and their captions, here are a few ideas on how to implement these captivating, teachable moments.
Instead, there are teachable practices that enable anyone to engage in constructive behaviors in foreign cultures.
We touch on the importance of routines, boundaries, positive reinforcement and discipline, and building self-confidence and finding teachable moments.
I'll never forget something she said: "No matter how experienced you are, you still have to be teachable because you can never stop learning and improving in art.
As the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster continues to subsist, educators are using the spill as a teachable moment.
It would be nice to inquire about their favorite books, teachable moments, career tips, and more.
The Allergy Buddy Club" is a part of a series of food safety booklets with teachable moments and easy recipes in every tale.
Joy Coe, a teacher of visually impaired students at the California School for the Blind, remarked on the value of the teachable moment when concepts are introduced: an unexpected experience that captures the child's attention can be a powerful influence on learning.