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Synonyms for teachable

capable of being educated

Synonyms for teachable

ready and willing to be taught


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Tracey Muir and Jane Watson also discuss the importance of teachable moments.
MEC Mbombo had the opportunity to witness first-hand progress on several projects, including the Community Safety Improvement Partnership, Teachable Moments programme, the WOW
Your teachable moment: Very early in your sales process, you should share an insight with your prospect that reveals an opportunity or problem he or she had not considered.
This fact is ripe with teachable moments and is also where return on assets comes into play.
NOEL TICHY, author of The Cycle of Leadership: How Great Leaders Teach Their Companies to Win, defines a teachable point of view as a leader's opinion on what it takes to win in his or her business and to lead other people.
It's a] simple, teachable skill of gathering information to accurately predict what the other person wants.
ISLAMABAD -- National Book Foundation (NBF) started distribution of textbooks from class-Prep to class-XII, teachable with best quality and maintenance of standards.
WASHINGTON and MEXICO CITY--The idea to mark the 500th anniversary of the arrival of European settlers in the New World with a global celebration was transformed into an extended teachable moment and an attempt throughout North, Central and South America to get people to rethink their view of history and indigenous peoples.
Perfect Pairs is divided into teachable lessons, packed with recommended science-themed picturebooks, and supports the goals of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.
Interpreters hunger for, or should be hungering for, teachable moments.
A small teachable moment -- courtesy of a small child.
Use holiday charity opportunities as teachable moments for your little ones.
How can we make simple everyday interactions more compelling and use them as teachable moments to energize society?
The mental skills to cope with the pressure that elite sportsmen have to deal with all the time are easily teachable and at ElevenSports, we have a mission to bring those skills to the awareness of sportsmen at any level.
It's a teachable moment, as people keep saying, and I think it's a teachable moment about higher education policy issues, about the relationship between democracy and education, and about students' roles in their own civic life," Heinecke, an associate professor in U.