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any of various small cakes or cookies often served with tea

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The firm - who have been operating in Uddingston for over 125 years - are best known for their famous Teacakes and Caramel Wafers.
BIG FAN Ross Kemp, who played Grant Mitchell in EastEnders, said: "I'm sadly addicted to Tunnock's Teacakes, hence the fact I have to go to the gym every day.
The Glasgow Science Centre team launched "Terry" the Teacake from Houston, Renfrewshire, at lunchtime on Friday.
The taxman finds VATS not the way to do it with a chocolate teacake
In contrast Teacake appears to be a subtler manipulator of gift exchange.
But Tom remains in contention despite sparking a cross-Border teacake row after being asked to make a small fruit bun.
Feeling a little peckish, my wife and I decided to have a cup of tea and a toasted teacake.
She also undertakes freelance food writing, cookery tutoring & demonstrations, media & presenting, recipe development Tunnock's Teacake Rocky Road Method Melt the butter, 300g of teacakes.
Gary Schofield at work and, right, with Teresa |Whyte of Total Food Service with the chocolate teacake made for the end of term awards lunch WEIGHING in at almost 30kg this chocolate teacake may well just be the biggest created.
My late husband and I used to like sitting in Rabbaiotti's cafe in Penarth, on the site of this new restaurant, watching the seafront regardless of the weather, either on our own or with our grandchildren, eating a poached egg, teacake, pot of tea,etc.
With the likes of Costa launching a teacake this year, Lam believes the treat could be the next big cake phenomenon and she is already attracting interest from investors to expand.
So come on Mrs Jones, where else can you have a coffee and toasted teacake for PS1.
com 3 TEA FOR TUNNOCKS What better accompaniment to a cup of char than that most famous of Scottish sweet treats - the Tunnocks Teacake, which has been a staple beverage booster in these fair isles since 1956.
I heard somewhere the name has something to do with a Shakespearean play she likes but on that basis we can probably look forward to the next celebrity naming their offspring Kit Kat Waitrose Teacake simply because they like Kit Kats, shop at Waitrose and ate teacakes while pregnant.
A humble teacake has cost Marks & Spencer more than pounds 3 million after an eight-year legal battle against the VAT man ended in defeat yesterday.