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any of various small cakes or cookies often served with tea

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The chocolate teacake was made by Gary using 84 eggs, 15kg of sugar and 5kg of chocolate.
The taxman finds VATS not the way to do it with a chocolate teacake
The cupcakes are handcrafted in small batches and decorated with Teacake Bake Shop's signature fondant designs created especially for each occasion.
and not just to avoid a repeat of John Barrowman and a dancing teacake.
During one flight, someone noticed that as the cabin altitude increased above about 15,000 feet, the marshmallow in a teacake expanded sufficiently to crack the chocolate shell, because a fair percentage of the bulk of marshmallow is, of course, made up of air bubbles.
With the likes of Costa launching a teacake this year, Lam believes the treat could be the next big cake phenomenon and she is already attracting interest from investors to expand.
com 3 TEA FOR TUNNOCKS What better accompaniment to a cup of char than that most famous of Scottish sweet treats - the Tunnocks Teacake, which has been a staple beverage booster in these fair isles since 1956.
I heard somewhere the name has something to do with a Shakespearean play she likes but on that basis we can probably look forward to the next celebrity naming their offspring Kit Kat Waitrose Teacake simply because they like Kit Kats, shop at Waitrose and ate teacakes while pregnant.
A humble teacake has cost Marks & Spencer more than pounds 3 million after an eight-year legal battle against the VAT man ended in defeat yesterday.
Scientist Casey Lam learned to bake the perfect teacake through the internet, having been inspired to launch TopHat Teacakes after watching a bake-off on television.
So come on Mrs Jones, where else can you have a coffee and toasted teacake for PS1.
A safe place to park, cheap food and drink (my sausage teacake was delicious).
It was with considerable surprise, therefore, as I sat on the outside terrace in early spring sunshine enjoying a pot of tea and a delicious toasted teacake, to read Rebecca Harris' mean-spirited comments (Viewpoints, March 6) about this highly popular meeting and eating venue.
The website, developed by the Solihull-based wwwdot web design agency, has an olde English theme and the range of seven cakes includes such traditional delights as English marmalade cake, chocolate afternoon teacake, and old English spicy love cake - with a special fudge icing that does not run over the packaging.