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an urn in which tea is brewed and from which it is served

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This handsome silver tea urn, standing 48cm high, is an expression of the new fashion for drinking tea.
I was thinking of Mother the other day after scalding my hand on the tea urn in the Pete Docherty Halfway House I currently reside in.
At the old Examiner office in Ramsden Street, the newsroom had a tea urn that must have held a gallon and it was best to get the first mug rather than wait until it solidi-fied towards the bottom.
Perhaps because you are more likely to be scalded by the tea urn, fall off your swivel chair or have a catastrophic stapling accident, office workers also feel most depressed on a Wednesday, according to unrelated studies at the University of Vermont.
Both chemicals were found in three samples: two from patients' paper cups and one from the tea urn in use at the time of the incident.
The same sale will also see a 1920s-vintage copper tea urn from Lime Street Station going up for sale, already attracting a lot of close interest despite its reserve price of pounds 300.
In the jewellery and silver section, Wartski is offering an agate, gold and gem-set basket by Faberge, while Koopman Rare Art is showing an English royal tea urn from 1806.
They do, of course, get their hands dirty digging, pruning, clearing and planting - but they also act as tour guides to show visitors round the historic grounds; host open days for the general public; give talks in schools; organise fund raising events to boost their efforts and man the tea urn when refreshments are needed.
The 39-piece set, which includes 22 main items, among them a fish platter, water pitcher, vegetable dish, and tea urn, was originally donated by the state of Indiana in 1896 to the Navy.
On Tuesday, Pinson, a bilingual teacher and former Peace Corps volunteer, transformed a section of her classroom into an Afghan home: a handmade rug lay on the floor, a brass tea urn and pot sat on the rug's corner, and an embroidered tablecloth covered an eating area.
I know what you're thinking (you're just like my wife): Graceless or not, you could still have gone directly to the tea urn.
Other outstanding finds at the Seattle show included two chairs identified as "Great American Furniture Pieces" that were featured in a book from the 1920s and valued at $30,000 to $45,000 for the pair; a Japanese tea urn from 1670 that was valued between $10,000 to $15,000; a "crazy quilt", the backing of which was a contribution from Chinese immigrants after the Seattle fire of 1889, valued at $10,000; a Civil War-era drum appraised at $8,000 to $10,000; and a Birger Sandzen painting from 1937, worth $30,000 to $50,000.
Tenders are invited for Utensils - Ss Plate, Thumbler, Tea Urn Etc.
There's a tea urn in the foreground for anyone who | didn't fancy champagne
Meanwhile, Walsall might be looking on ebay for a new tea urn.