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serving cart for serving tea or light refreshments

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We are not privy to any other facet of her personality other than the 'good girl' persona: 'Ammi screened out the unacceptable suggestions and about once a fortnight I had to present myself, pushing the tea trolley, to interested parties'; 'I changed into the Ammi-approved clothes'; 'Clad in one of the approved joras, and with a sense of helplessness, I entered the drawing room behind the tea trolley once again'; 'Ammi returned and approved of my gracious hostess role.
But instead of holding dinner plates, drinks or transporting things from room to room, Kelly's tea trolley has a more fashionable purpose - displaying her ornaments.
Reminiscing about him on set, Thelma Barlow, who played Mavis Riley from 1971-97, recalls: "Whenever the tea trolley appeared he'd always grab a couple of cream cakes and stuff them in his pockets.
My mum always seemed to be buying Con-Tact or Fablon to cover any surface she deemed offensive, and plastered our tea trolley with it, so that it looked (almost) like it was made from Norwegian pine, classy eh?
Couch with cushions and an artist Floor lamp with Foot Switch Trolley Table Chair with an Artist Gas stove Chair Table, Adjustable, With Table Setting and Flowers Tea Trolley, Laid Large Cupboard with Contents and Television Wardrobe with loan from Prof.
Earlier this year the British Civil Service--which is traditionally fuelled by endless cups of tea--lost the last of its famous tea trolley ladies.
Afternoon tea can be enjoyed in a Vintage Tea Room, where teas and cakes are served on china from a tea trolley by vintagestyled tea ladies and gentlemen, with vintage music for ambience.
And when my daughter Carys was little, I would walk in to find her with an old fashioned tea trolley serving high tea in this room to my mother and father, who were dressed in full wedding outfits with hats, playing pretend weddings.
Operatic star Wynne Evans, known for his antics in the Go Compare ads, decided to shave his head for this year's appeal, while Hayley, the tea lady from BBC Three's The Call Centre took an afternoon tea trolley around the BBC Wales offices to raise funds.
Those who visited her will remember the tea, cake and biscuits laid out on her trusty tea trolley ready for her guests which she always insisted putting out despite the fact that she was becoming increasingly frail.
But they have become blocked with rubbish such as bicycles, bins and even a tea trolley - which could increase the risk of flooding to nearby properties.
I appreciate everything each and every member of staff has done for her, the skilled surgeons, the knowledgeable nursing staff, the kind auxiliaries and the cheerful tea trolley ladies.
Mr Amphlett claims most of the canteen workers, tea trolley operators and cleaners simply ignored him.