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a tray that accommodates a tea service

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But when it comes to sliding down an icy chute on a tea tray, Great Britain rules the world - with Yarnold our queen.
Two watercolors, hung on either side of the divider and facing each other from a wall and a column, also communicated with the rest of the show: Scarf, 2015, depicting a face towel, and Tray Hanger, 2015, which again shows a tea tray, but empty this time.
This week, it was from Wembley and watching Russell Grant being fired out of a cannon and flying across the arena on a tea tray was nothing short of TV gold.
The exhibit looked a simple one: a tea tray laid out for lunch, with various pieces of crockery, food, and cutlery.
Martin Pipe, champion jumps trainer for only 15 years, was not worthy of an interview to mark his retirement, but someone who lost, sliding down a hill on a tea tray, was treated as a world-beater.
For example, the basic Cream Tea Tray comes with three warm scones (see recipe following) served with jam, clotted cream, and sweet butter.
They never visited, and she did not keep photos in her room on the soapbox covered with an embroidered doily like the one on the tea tray.
The taste profiles of the teas are enhanced by modern, sculptural accessories that are groundbreaking in design and include the innovative Tea Forte silken infuser and signature tea tray.
Luge is the sport where athletes fling themselves down a solid tube of ice on board something resembling a tea tray.
I might not be hugely impressed by someone skittering very fast down a hill on a souped-up tea tray but if people are deluged with honours and knighthoods for doing something equally pointless, such as biking round and round in a circle, why deny Lizzy her golden tribute?
The first discipline is the skeleton, so called because throwing yourself down a track at 90 miles an hour on a tea tray would scare anyone out of their skin.
It's only the size of a tea tray but the same black glass as the stand, so it's always thick with dust.
And the key suspect, handcuffed, managed to knock over a burly cop with a tea tray and escape.
Rediscover the mismatched china that's gathering dust at the back of the dresser, especially the dainty floral pieces nd set up a boudoir tea tray.