tea tray

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a tray that accommodates a tea service

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This week, it was from Wembley and watching Russell Grant being fired out of a cannon and flying across the arena on a tea tray was nothing short of TV gold.
The exhibit looked a simple one: a tea tray laid out for lunch, with various pieces of crockery, food, and cutlery.
The theory, presently gathering misguided momentum like an elephant tackling the Cresta Run on a tea tray, seems to be that the champion lacks the tactical versatility to do anything but bully and brutalise this, or any other, horse into submission before forcing it to set off with the proverbial rocket up its backside, firing it recklessly at any obstacle that hoves into view before either wrestling it to the ground or beating it senseless as it trails up the hill in seventh place, at a pace that would see it finish a poor second in a ploughing match.
The taste profiles of the teas are enhanced by modern, sculptural accessories that are groundbreaking in design and include the innovative Tea Forte silken infuser and signature tea tray.
Luge is the sport where athletes fling themselves down a solid tube of ice on board something resembling a tea tray.
A few games on the bench or even in the stands might just lead to Young working out whether he really wants to play football or just sit at home in front of the television - occasionally throwing himself to the carpet every time his partner brushes by him with a tea tray.
Smoked Salmon Pinwheels A savoury treat for a tea tray that works well as a starter.
99, Retreat Home Game, set, match tea tray, pounds 18, ATA Designs Official Wimbledon men's sports towel, pounds 28, Christy Towels Personalised Wimbledon mug, pounds 9.
It's only the size of a tea tray but the same black glass as the stand, so it's always thick with dust.
Then after seeing Scooby Doo and Shaggy escape the latest masked villain on a sledge, I horrified my poor mum by surfing down the stairs on a tea tray.
Thankfully, things have moved on apace since I started out, when at meetings the tea tray would be plonked automatically in front of me, invariably the only woman in a room full of men, the assumption being that I'd play mother
And the key suspect, handcuffed, managed to knock over a burly cop with a tea tray and escape.