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a small table for serving afternoon tea

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But we're confident the need for three vicars at the tea table has led to triple prayers for May's General Election.
But it does make me feel a bit nervous that she's going to take a tumble on her way across the grass to the tea table.
Annual Shamrock Fair Hand-crafted items, Irish clothing and gifts, raffles, tea table and Christmas gifts, 10 a.
The Newland House Drawing Room is set for tea with a Chinese export armorial service carefully assembled on a mahogany tea table of the period.
This is one of his Turkish rugs and this his tea table,
and should be much better than chemical fertilizers," An told AFP, as he sat at a traditional Chinese tea table drinking tea grown with cow manure.
He's very dapper, indeed, dear," as my old mother might have said with the "re-fained" Glasgow accent that had clung to her like lipstick on a cup rim on those fine days when the red jam squelched over melting butter in the scones on the tea table.
Sources told that on the tea table an informal meeting was held between the President, Prime Minister and COAS Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani in which matters related to national and security issues were discussed.
This is the place for that purple, outdoor bed with canopy ($1,500) or Caluco's Round Tea Table with ice bucket ($1,009).
You might set up a coffee service at the other end of the tea table, or to be non-traditional set up a second tea service with another kind of tea.
In describing something as mundane as the tea table, Chalmers is able to position "the everyday activities of the Shetlanders.
A tea table draped with damask, piled high with scones and clotted cream, cucumber sandwiches, dainty pastries, and a flowery china teapot are part of our mental image of Victorian England.