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any of several hybrid bush roses derived from a tea-scented Chinese rose with pink or yellow flowers


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In Tupelo, Tommie Bourland grows hybrid tea roses and has been doing so for years.
Alvarado revealed yesterday that his administration has gained the support of President Aquino particularly in the provincial government's move to secure 257 blocks of wire-sawed tea rose marble blocks from the hallowed grounds of the Biak-na Bato National Shrine in the boundary of San Miguel and DoAaAaAeA~a Remedios Trinidad (DRT
The National Agricultural Exports Board (NAEB) has announced that Rwanda's export of tea rose 86.
COLLAGE: Nostalgic and homey, colors include Tea Rose, Rhubarb.
Model 565 features a 1980's inspired eye shape and is offered in black with gold, gold with tea rose and rouge with blush.
Today it's a savonnerie , stocked with lavender, violet, tea rose.
The Govanstones, who work in the nursery business (Tillie) and for the Department of Sustainability & Environment (Andrew) profile 65 women for whom Clark named hybrid tea rose seedlings he bred for hot, dry climates on his Glenara estate.
79, Boots, Jemma Kidd's lip gloss In tea rose, pounds 9.
According to the association, sales of tea rose for 15 years in a row through 2006, reaching more than $6.
Rose lovers everywhere can celebrate her legacy with the Diana, Princess of Wales Hybrid Tea Rose by Jackson & Perkins.
Chavez hybrid tea rose," after the late civil rights activist and United Farm Workers union founder.
Does anyone out there in GRIT land know of a catalog or nursery company that has a hybrid tea rose called Kentucky Derby?
Experienced perfumers have long considered the rose to have a 'narcotic' type of odor, and the tea rose - so called because the scent resembles the soft aroma of tea - is an especially fine example.
Pink Promise is a hybrid tea rose whose beauty is enhanced by the contrast of its large, brilliantly formed pink blossoms set against lush dark green foliage.
But when grown as a climber the blooms, which have a wonderful sweet tea rose scent, contrast well when partnered with the white flowers of climbing Iceberg roses.