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any of several hybrid bush roses derived from a tea-scented Chinese rose with pink or yellow flowers


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Queen Elizabeth has been one of the most popular roses for more than 40 years, the flowers are pink and look absolutely beautiful in a vase, and this is a grandiflora rose whose flowers come singly on one stem, similar to hybrid tea roses.
T PRICE QTY TOTAL T 5026 Hybrid Tea Rose 'Royal William' x 1 T pounds 9.
PRICE QTY TOTAL 5026 Hybrid Tea Rose 'Royal William' x 1 pounds 9.
Lenox is donating a portion of the proceeds from two items -- a china vase featuring a tea rose design and a three-dimensional heart-shaped china pendant -- designed specifically for the program to breastcancer.
Tea Rose Glycerine Heart Soaps, three for $15, crabtree-everlyn.
While my first cup of tea was a nice Black tea, Vogel introduced me to the world's most expensive tea-- a tea rose.
More than 250 to choose from, including `Maman Cochet' (1893), a tea rose with fragrant pink blooms; and autumn damask, a soft pink, double-flowered rose the Spanish missionaries in early California called the "Rose of Castile.
They've launched a collection of six shades, from Milley, a sheer lilac to Zanna, a tea rose cream; this is Felicity.
Sales of Fairtrade tea rose 24 per cent to just over pounds 30 million in 2007 while Fairtrade chocolate and other cocoa products rose 35 per cent to just under pounds 24 million.
And lifelong society stalwart Sylvanus Thompson, 82, from Tan-y-Pych in Blaenrhondda, saw the first public outing of a dark red hybrid tea rose named in his honour.
Range Kleen, based in Lima, Ohio, is a Pfaltzgraff licensee, distributing kitchen accessories decorated with the Tea Rose and Yorktowne patterns.
When it comes to the classic hybrid tea rose, Secret(TM) appears to be the hands-down winner of the "no fear" contest.
1) Burberry's Sheer Eye Shadow in Tea Rose No 11, PS22.
Do you fancy one of David Austin's English Roses or you are looking for a new climbing roses to cover a wall or archway, a new ground cover rose to cover a bank or a traditional hybrid tea rose for a flower bed?
Although sales of standard tea rose only one per cent last year, it still accounts for around pounds 455million of a pounds 550million-a-year market.