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a party at which tea is served

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The survey, conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute, found that nearly half (47 percent) of Tea Party activists consider themselves part of the Religious Right.
But they have a symbolic leader in Sarah Palin, the former vicepresidential candidate from Alaska who is using the Tea Party as her own political vehicle to the White House in 2012.
It's a social movement, it's bigger than politics,'' said Brendan Steinhauser, grassroots director of FreedomWorks, one of several organizations that has mobilized Tea Party activists.
The tea party was just more GOP sour grapes over a president who some in their Looney-Tune world still think is the second coming of V.
To get involved simply get friends, family, neighbours or colleagues together and host a tea party anywhere you like, asking everyone who comes along to make a donation to help the sick and homeless animals cared for by The Blue Cross.
By hosting a tea party and inviting friends, family, neighbours or colleagues to have a cuppa and make a donation, pet-owners can provide for animals less fortunate than their own.
Those who desire may even choose to have a real May Tea Party to raise money, and this year NNFF may hold a May Tea Party fundraiser at a New York City hotspot.
Texas Congressman, intellectual godfather of the tea party movement and his U.
After a May 10 election whittled the race down from four contenders, the two remaining candidates in the heavily conservative Senate District 4 are both Republican state representatives with Tea Party backing.
HOST a Blooming Great Tea Party between June 20 and 29 2015 The North East Marie Curie fundraising office is urging local residents to get together with family and friends and organise a Blooming Great Tea Party to raise funds for Marie Curie, the charity which provides care and support to people living with a terminal illness.
Gosforth and District Marie Curie fundraising group are asking people to raise money by hosting a tea party to support people living with a terminal illness and their families.
The tea party loves Ted Cruz, and the press loves to paint him as the tea party candidate.
RADIO presenter Chris Needs took a break from his show to have a cuppa for the Wales' Biggest Tea Party campaign for Welsh Hearts.