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a party at which tea is served

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Volunteer hosts are required to hold two tea parties a year for a small group of older people and their drivers.
Switalskis Solicitors showed their support to Forget Me Not Children's Hospice on Yorkshire Day by hosting tea parties in seven of their offices including here in Huddersfield.
We are looking for people who would like to join in the fun and help us hold one of many tea parties between June 20 and 29 and are hoping to have more tea parties than ever before.
Guests to the tea parties bring kit they want to learn more about and EE champions bring additional devices so they can demonstrate what technology can do.
And while Skocpol and Williamson attack Fox News and the Tea Parties for accepting the president's "purported" ties to ACORN (in fact, they're extensive and well documented), the authors tell us that institutions such as NPR "still follow twentieth-century norms of objectivity and balance in their coverage of politics.
Chris Johnston, of the Whitley Bay Theatre Company, said: "We are delighted to be able to support this excellent local cause and we love the idea of raising money through tea parties.
The authors assembled a nationwide database on local Tea Parties, observed and interviewed participants in Arizona, Massachusetts, and Virginia, and analyzed polling data to produce an authoritative and convincing study.
At the same time, Tea Parties tend to stay out of other policy battles popular among many conservatives.
Paul explains, "To this day, statewide communication between the different Tea Parties in each city is spotty at best, and yet in city after city thousands of folks gather at local events.
What we hope people do on the caucus level is listen to us and try to understand what the Tea Parties across Texas want to see in terms of legislation, and almost as importantly why we want to see it, how our principles can actually lead to legislation that we think will be good for people all across Texas, not just a few special interest groups or a privileged few.
We're inviting people to hold their own tea parties any time between June12 and July 12 to help raise money for the charity.
We're inviting people to hold their own tea parties up to July 12 to help raise money for the charity.
Bethan, aged 23 of Four Oaks, said the event is part of Save the Children's annual fundraising week in which the charity has asked people to organise tea parties.
On Friday May 16 animal lovers everywhere will be hosting Blue Cross Tea Parties to help raise funds for the charity's work and everyone is invited to join in.