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Although tea is brewed and mixed and appreciated on virtually every continent, most tea parlors in this country follow the English style of brewing and serving the ubiquitous beverage.
"Sugar plum tea is by far our most favored herbal tisane (infusion)," explained Barbara Brown, proprietor of this 30-seat tea parlor and bakery.
"Everything here is done by hand and heart, really," said Jess French, who helps owner Ruthie Ballenger run this casually off-beat tea parlor and antiques emporium.
From Teddy Bear teas to events steeped in Victorian tradition, from Dickensian carolers to holiday menus that boast Christmas treats straight from the history books, Oregon tea parlors are opening their doors to the season in dramatic style.
The expanded Ikebukuro store -- which occupies 10 floors -- has tables and chairs on each floor for use by customers and a tea parlor on the fourth floor.
Nom Wah Tea Parlor at 13 Doyers Street near Pell Street also felt DOH's wrath.
If your tea parlor serves a full lunch, that includes meat and vegetables, a deep, black tea, like a Kenyan, would match well with your lunch specials.
When she hosts holiday, bridal and baby showers at her tea parlor, she always works with a theme.
Recently, she opened another small tea parlor, located in the large, front-window room in the same building which houses A Perfect Blend's tea bar and Victorian tearoom.
She states that knowledge is the key to success when selling tea products in the gift area of a tea parlor. "I think that the shops need to be knowledgeable about their products and be able to explain options to the consumer.
Today, milk tea parlors are everywhere -- malls, gasoline stations, schools, and food courts.
Tea Houses at Jiufen, a mountain town in New Taipei, are particularly popular among female visitors who indulge themselves sipping Taiwanese tea in tea parlors decorated with red lanterns while having girls' talk and taking in the mesmerizing night views of the mountainous area of northeastern Taiwan.