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chest for storing or transporting tea

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With home produced skiffle instruments like the Tea Chest basses and washboards, were con-fined back to the garden shed, as the youth began rockin' along with Elvis and Little Richard.
Their grandson, Dr Andrew Rowland, said: "When going through their old home, I found a tea chest with some shoes on the top of it.
com)-- Margaret's Fine Imports Tea Pittsburgh has the following Christmas gifts in the store: British Christmas Crackers - the kind you pop, English Sugar Mice, German Cristmmas Stollen with Marzipan, German Pfeffernusse, German Nuremberg Ginger (Lebkuchen) cookies on wafers, German Spekulatius Cookies, Italian Panettone cakes, Polish Milka and Friedel Chocolate Santas, Polish Advent Calendars, Irish Fruit Cakes, Irish Christmas Pudding, US The 12 Cocoas of Christmas, US The 12 Coffees of Christmas, US Holly Berry Coffee, Christmas Cookie Coffee, Candy Cane Loose Tea and US Stash Merry Mint Tea, US Tea Chests with Bentleys Tea, Santa and Snowmen Mugs, Santa and Snowmen Salt and Pepper Shakers, Christmas Aprons and more in the store.
But, better than that, she took up the tea chest bass - a home-made instrument created from a broomstick, wooden box and length of baling string.
95) begins with a tea pot filled with hot water and the tea chest, from which you select your own tea (pots of hot Chai tea, milky black tea spiced with cinnamon, vanilla and cardamon are available, too).
Talking about her most treasured possessions in the kitchen Helen says she has a treasured tea chest as well as a slow cooker that she wouldn't be without.
Now, alongside Chris Walker on tea chest bass, myself on washboard and Andy Baillie on mandolin/ukulele, and lead guitarist Geoff Haynes, we've introduced John Liepins on rhythm guitar and Steve Jones on drums.
N TODAY'S musical world of synthesisers, computers and expensive amplifiers, the idea of creating music with a washboard and a tea chest is laughable, but that wasn't always as the case.
As I held the next strip up to the light, the distinctive square edge of what could have been a tea chest bass caught my eye, but as it was in negative the details were impossible to make out," says Rod.
The mainly improvised instruments included, for example, a bass made from a tea chest with a hole drilled through the centre and a nylon cord threaded through, tied to a duffle peg.
When I kept grass snakes in a tea chest, to amuse myself I'd walk round the neighbourhood with one in my hair.
JEAN, Jean, The Tea Chest Queen is struggling to open the door of her 'star' dressing room -a tiny garden shed at the back of The Bridges Carvery in Worcester.
Not a mention of the driven, determined, brilliant Logie Baird who, while completely skint, built the very earliest forms of television using bric-a-brac like an old tea chest and some bicycle accessories.
She added: "During the war, and after, when this country was still rationing food and clothing, my aunt and Anna Mae used to send us a tea chest full of food products - sugar, flour, cake mixes, dresses for us girls and rolls of cotton for my mother to make clothes for us.