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Synonyms for tchotchke

(Yiddish) an attractive, unconventional woman

(Yiddish) an inexpensive showy trinket

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In the live version, which premiered at the Kitchen in New York in 2010, Moulton's alter ego Cynthia, a hypochondriac introvert with a wild imagination, mimes and dances in front of projections of mountains, forests, and her wacky home, which is decorated with a Himalayan rock-salt lamp, a yoga mat, a crystal pyramid, and other assorted New Age tchotchkes, self-help gizmos, and pharmacy sundries, and plenty of pastel-patterned fabrics.
Another exception covers the tchotchkes, boots, paintings, recipes and other stuff that would make for a wonderful museum of strange mementos Texans give to their leaders in tribute.
Trays are like rugs on a piece of furniture; they anchor a collection and make your favorite accessories look less like tchotchkes.
But for this discerning, constantly connected crowd, a soda sample and a few tchotchkes won't do.
Tchotchkes increase not only revenues but a company's brand awareness and customer base.
Over 800 vendors have set up in the parking lot around the stadium, selling vintage and antique collectibles, including everything from kitchen and home wares to clothing, accessories, furniture, estate jewelry, comic books, toys and, of course, tchotchkes of every imaginable sort.
The backdrop is vintage Bernard: a hodgepodge of hockey memorabilia, pictures with cultural elites such as Pedro Almodovar and Norman Mailer, and tchotchkes acquired over a lifetime spent traversing the arthouse scene.
I buy prints and special editions from artists, I pick up tchotchkes, I commission sketches...the works.
And these are the people who are going to figure out how to transform the technology so it will have applicability far beyond the array of polymer tchotchkes. I can imagine the ghosts of Ford, Edison and Wrights smiling on these people, people who are sometimes dismissed by society at large as being "nerdy." These people are interested in things ranging from making better and individualized walking sticks to photosynthesis, from developing 3D scanners with an app to creating Lego robots.
Another example of a customized selection is at the outlet in Times Square that offers T-shirts, New York City souvenirs and other "tchotchkes," Alkemade notes.
But last Christmas, we were inundated with clothes and tchotchkes for the home we are leaving.
The second great fault is that directors almost always meet in a boardroom located about 20 feet outside the resplendent office of the CEO, with all of his awards and tchotchkes hanging on his walls or standing up on his credenza.
Reviewing budgeted sponsorships, Any (or more) of the identifying and confirming with following: Piecing lead attorney that it will go together leftover forward, and contacting the tchotchkes for giveaways; organization early to capitalize scrambling to fill the on benefits.
31 festivities and candy striped Christmas tchotchkes appearing on some store shelves before Thanksgiving.