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Synonyms for tchotchke

(Yiddish) an attractive, unconventional woman

(Yiddish) an inexpensive showy trinket

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Of course, the reason the tchotchke phenomenon is working, at least for now, is that the goods are sold only at upscale stores at high prices and in limited supplies.
The terminals have become must-have tech for anybody on Wall Street, anybody who follows Wall Street closely (such as financial journalists) and anybody close enough to Wall Street to want to look cool and have an expensive tchotchke in their office.
letter word IPA pronunciation A aye /aI/ B bdellium /'dEli[??]m/ C cnidarian /nI'dEri[??]n/ D djinn /d[??]In/ E eau /o/ F Floyd /[??][??]Id/ G gnome /no[??]m/ H honest /'anest/ I Iyar /'ija:r/ J Jung /jun/ K knight /naIt/ L LXVI /siksti'sIks[??]/ M mnemonic /n[??]'ma[??]mIk/ N ngultrum /'nultr[??]m/ O oecology /i'kal[??]d[??]i/ P psalm /sam/ Q qi /t[??]i[??]/ R Rx /pr[??]'skrI[??][??]n/ S Sn /tIn/ T tchotchke /'t[??][??]t[??]k[??]/ U Uyghur /'wig[??]/ V VIII /eIt[??]/ W wrap /raep/ X XVII /s[??]v[??]n'tin[??]/ Y Yves /i[??]v/ Z Zhivago /[??]I'vago/ Admittedly, I had to cheat somewhat by using some abbreviations (Rx = prescription), Roman numerals (VIII = eighth), and the authentic Welsh pronunciation of Floyd.
Wikipedia has since informed me that tchotchke is a Yiddish word meaning "a miscellaneous item with a connotation of worthlessness or disposability".
"It's a very tiny elephanIt's like a little tchotchke " Wikipedia has since i"tchotchke" is a Yiddish "a miscellaneous item wiof worthlessness or dispouch, sorry, Rusty.
But the tchotchke era is over, according to leaders in the field, who spoke at a conference on wellness programs sponsored by the World Research Group.
Germans and Italians didn't draw much ire as a people, but companies sold plenty of tchotchke featuring crude characters that passed for Hitler by virtue of the trademark mustache and swoop of black hair.
They don't need another knick-knack or tchotchke to collect dust, and probably have all the tee shirts or bathrobes they'll be able to use for the rest of their lives.
We're a niche-type beauty care company that offers a broad range of skin care items including our phenomenally successful Bye Bye Blemish solution as well as cosmetics, hair care accessories, jewelry, room decor and other tchotchke [knickknackl items that teens buy.
Fired and glazed, it could be a striking mantel tchotchke. It will have to satisfy my craving for creature contact for now.
Professional auctioneer and antique appraiser John Leonard will join us during our annual Classic Car Show to share his opinion on whether that old item lying around your house is a priceless antique or a worthless tchotchke.
None of this stuff is random, though: Each huddled tchotchke is either a souvenir from where I've been or a signpost pointing somewhere I'd like to go.
Hand sanitizer also is booming as a promotional tchotchke. To help market the Connecticut health insurance exchange, for example, Access Health CT hands out sanitizer emblazoned with its logo.
Strewn among the artworks are tchotchke readymades (piggy banks, baby dolls, a toy E.T.
The bonuses: easy move-ins for most, a pleasant exhibit area, clean bathrooms, no trekking crosstown and back, "No tchotchke lookie-loo looters" (thank you Marc Mikulich, Wiley), "No yahoos" (Jerry Houle, Bliss House).