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Instead, there was evidence that variation in DNA substitution rates was widespread across taxonomic groups.
Vertebrate mortalities and kills per km surveyed by taxonomic group for nine Indiana survey routes, 13 April 2005-23 February 2006.
Freshwater mollusks are the most threatened taxonomic group in United States today, and they are beginning to receive the attention that they deserve.
The discovery, which extends the history of sea turtles by 10 million years and adds a new taxonomic group, was made by Ren Hirayama, an assistant professor at Teikyo Heisei University in Chiba Prefecture, at the Santana Formation in Brazil's Ceara State.
We calculated the number of categories, diet breadth, and diversity of the nestlings' diet when category included only taxonomic group and category included both ecological traits (concealed-exposed, winged-wingless) and taxonomic group for both Reed Parrotbills and Oriental Reed Warblers.
Chapters are organized by pathogen and taxonomic group.
The fossil provides a "missing link" that sheds light on the evolutionary history of arthropods, the taxonomic group that comprises crustaceans, arachnids and insects.
Percent of Total Known Marine Species by Taxonomic Group Taxonomic Group Percent CRUSTACEANS (lobsters, shrimp, krill) 19 MOLLUSKS (squid, clams, snails) 17 FISH (cod, catfish, tuna) 12 ALGAE (and other plantlike organisms) 10 PROTOZOA (unicellular microorganisms) 10 CNIDARIANS (jellyfish, corals, hydra) 5 ECHINODERMS (starfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers) OTHER VERTEBRATES (seals, seabirds, turtles) 2 OTHER INVERTEBRATES (sponges, sea squirts, worms) 22 SOURCE: CENSUS OF MARINE LIFE
Seventy-nine birds with avian mycobacteriosis (cases) and 316 nondiseased birds (controls) of similar age and taxonomic group that were present in the bird collection of the Zoological Society of San Diego from 1991 through 2005 were part of the study.
Ecotoxic effects of endocrine disruptors on amphibians as a taxonomic group in ecologic systems warrant attention.
1993), using a different analytical method and a similar fine-scale set of data on the distribution of British plants and animals, examined whether "hotspots" of species richness also held high concentrations of rare taxa and whether the patterns observed for one taxonomic group could be used to predict those for other taxonomic groups.
In 2010, for example, microbiologist Cletus Kurtzman and colleagues at ARS's National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research in Peoria set their sights on Starmerella, conducting the largest survey yet of yeasts belonging to this taxonomic group.
Others argue that each taxonomic group had limits; once it reached a certain size, each branch would stop growing.