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1995) by the equation: C = (P/N) x 100, where: C = Constancy, P = number of members of a given taxonomic category collected, N = number of individuals collected.
The non-repeatability of land units, regardless of the taxonomic category, must be analyzed as being the result of the interference between the zonal and non-zonal repartition of the geographical factors, from the possibility of their combination in space into infinity of forms (Badea et al.
It would not be reasonable, for instance, to lump into the same taxonomic category two systems that are highly divergent in size--such as HCA, with its 190 hospitals, and Centra, a two-hospital system located in Lynchburg, Virginia.
Pisces, etc), the %0 value was recalculated by considering the number of stomachs with the respective higher taxonomic category.
Chen's team therefore folds anomalocaridids, Kerygmachela, and Opabinia together in a taxonomic category closely related to arthropods, perhaps even with the phylum Arthropoda.