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However, this requires that the set of subsenses selected be sufficiently homogeneous to be subsumed under a single taxonomic category.
The gut contents of 97 specimens were identified to the most specific taxonomic category possible and analyzed with numeric and frequency of occurrence methods.
It would not be reasonable, for instance, to lump into the same taxonomic category two systems that are highly divergent in size--such as HCA, with its 190 hospitals, and Centra, a two-hospital system located in Lynchburg, Virginia.
The bibliographic records follow a relatively consistent format containing the name, author reference, year of publication, publication reference, and a general taxonomic category for the genus (Fig.
Pisces, etc), the %0 value was recalculated by considering the number of stomachs with the respective higher taxonomic category.
No mention was made of the fact that it was possible to organize the words on the basis of taxonomic category.