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Kockelella crassa is known as the only reliable conodont taxon that marks the base of the Gorstian and whose entry corresponds to the base of the N.
Puget Sound rockfish showed a correlation with the day-night axis, but this species was associated with greater depth and smaller-size substrate as primary habitat when compared to the other taxa that were more abundant during the day; this taxon appears in the lower right quadrant.
Since it is known that many immune system genes are present in multiple copies in the genome and CD36 gene is one of the very important human immune system genes, we were interested in finding whether multiple copies of this gene are present in each taxon.
To recognize a Lazars taxon, moreover, scientists must identify its modern representative, and such discoveries may depend greatly on serendipity.
In cladistics analysis, no living taxon can by definition be an ancestor of another living taxon.
Any less confidence would condemn a taxon to taxa incertae
They also thought that these very small scales (or denticles) might be derived from some area, for example from the branchial region of Loganellia, the most widespread taxon in the Llandovery.
But in an October court hearing over Ruby's status, the city filed documents saying zoo officials and AZA's Elephant Taxon Advisory Group are considering other accredited zoos.
This holds that given a crown group including the fossil taxon in question, we should assume that it shares characteristics that are shared between its fellows in the crown group and that of the sister taxon to the crown group.
In the philosophy of biology, the issue is whether the name 'species' designates a universal thing, namely a species taxon, or designates particular organisms that resemble one another in certain relevant respects.
The diversity-abundance relationship for the coastal shelf was indistinguishable from that for the Channel Islands; the relationship was linear and both habitats accumulated a taxon for about every five organisms collected.
He initially decided that the two names of the alpine taxa mentioned earlier referred to the same taxon and called them all E.