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a paved surface in the form of a strip

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Mishap averted: Air India express plane veers off from taxiway at the Kochi airport; all the 102 passengers are safe pic.
A United Airlines pilot on the taxiway messaged to air traffic control after the plane had turned back: "Air Canada flew directly over us.
The barriers at the taxiway crossing point are normally up, permitting traffic to cross freely, but when a taxiing aircraft approaches, the air traffic controller simply pushes a button to lower the barrier thus closing the crossing to oncoming vehicles.
Airlines using on the new Delta Taxiway will be able to save both time and fuel.
A taxiway is a path on an airport connecting runways with ramps, hangars, terminals and other facilities.
After holding the hover for what felt like an eternity, we finally crossed taxiway G, made our full stop at taxiway C, and continued our taxi on the ground.
It began phase three, the west runway taxiway system, after the Airport Improvement Program, a U.
Reiichiro Takahashi, the Japanese ambassador to Afghanistan, said they wanted to fund the project, as the airport needed an international-standard taxiway.
The jet then went off the taxiway and over an embankment.
The Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL) has decided to construct a new taxiway between Taxiway E1 and E3 for CSIA's secondary runway 14/32 for aircraft to vacate the runway, thus reducing runway occupancy time," said Anindita Sinha, spokesperson, MIAL, that runs Mumbai's airport.
The Thomson Airways' Boeing 737-800 flight from Doncaster had 192 passengers and seven cabin crew on board and was fortunate to avoid a catastrophic crash on the empty taxiway.
Cyprus Civil Aviation officials are investigating how a Thomson Airways Boeing 737-800 from England failed to land on the runway at Paphos airport and landed instead on the parallel taxiway.
BaySys International, LLC, a US-based company offering aeronautical solutions, has announced plans to construct a taxiway and a new hangar in the Wallops Research Park, US.
The ATIS at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is computer generated, so the list of closures during numerous taxiway and runway renovations were delivered in a steady drone with no real inflection.
I read with interest Rick Durden's article on managing crosswind landings, but found his comment about using a taxiway as a viable landing facility totally surprising.