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a paved surface in the form of a strip

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Los Angeles World Airport's (LAWA) Project Management Division managed the design, construction, and inspection of the Taxiway N project.
The company, which operates Narita airport near Tokyo, plans to rebuild or eliminate some taxiways and improve traffic signs for pilots by spring 2006, they said.
There are three taxiways at the scene and the ANA pilot is believed to have taken the wrong one.
We want to assure the public that contra-flow will be suspended only when necessary throughout the taxiway extension project.
The technology also has the potential to be introduced into inset fixtures embedded into the taxiway structure, such as the ZA280LED fixture.
A disoriented 70-year-old man drove through an open gate at the adjacent Iowa Air National Guard base, and airport security and police chased him onto an active taxiway.
That option involves extending one taxiway by 5,000 feet and another by 3,000 feet.
Narita airport closed one of its two runways Wednesday for about 50 minutes after a plane that had landed ended up facing a departing plane some 400 meters away on the taxiway, airport officials said.
1 million for taxiway improvements and other projects at JFK Airport.
Cross-field Taxiway to Increase Operational Efficiency; Improve Air Quality.
Tenders are invited for Taxiway C Extension Phase 2.
Two prototype taxiway screens being installed at Dallas-Fort Worth will be 700ft long and 13ft high (210 x 4m).
The Federal Aviation Administration will start installing a new system in January that will lower the chances of runway and taxiway collisions.
BURBANK - Extending a taxiway at the Bob Hope Airport as part of a proposed agreement with Burbank would make the airport safer but not allow for more flights, a report to be released today says.
Johns County Airport is to receive a full-length taxiway after obtaining a grant from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).