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a craftsman who stuffs and mounts the skins of animals for display

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These photos can be sent by email and then studied and zoomed into on a monitor as the taxidermist paints the fish--whether a skin or replica mount.
Richard Corgan is excellent as the Polish taxidermist although I felt his accent was more Dutch than East European.
Amid this silent congregation of wildlife stands Santosh Gaikwad, 43, India's one and only official taxidermist, who spoke to Gulf News on how a visit to the Mumbai museum in 2003 sparked a newfound passion - taxidermy - in his life.
Aside from employing the well-known trackers and skinners, my hunting activity allowed the safari outfitter to offer employment to housekeepers, landscapers, secretarial staff, cooks, scullery assistants, taxidermists, and taxidermists' assistants.
Sheridan and at least one other bought a mount for [euro]8,000 from a taxidermist.
Viewing the film through these lenses, I contend that the title of El aura refers not only to the moment before the epileptic attacks suffered by the taxidermist, as described in the story, but also to the film's central challenges: to divest Darin of his celebrity "personality," to endow him with "the unique aura of the person," and to render him strange in the penetrating gazes of anonymous, enigmatic animals (Benjamin 1177).
In one of the most memorable performances in the race's history, the late Lord Oaksey - then John Lawrence - partnered Taxidermist to a neck victory over Gold Cup winner Kerstin at Cheltenham in the second running of the race before it moved to Newbury two years later.
A TAXIDERMIST has been prosecuted for selling a stuffed Kestrel on eBay without the correct documents.
10) What is the difference between a taxidermist and a tax collector?
Attention to detail is everything, according to taxidermist Andre Appelt.
Q: I have taken a deer, and would like to take its carcass to a meat processor and its head to a taxidermist.
Doing taxidermy on a tortoise is much like working on an elephant," George Dante, the lead taxidermist on the project, told National Geographic.
She's a former curator of the ornithological collections at London's Natural History Museum, a taxidermist, a bird bander, and a fine artist.
They are just some of the dogs and cats who have been posed, preened and freeze-dried by a taxidermist for their besotted owners.
ACOAL miner turned taxidermist who spent 30 years preserving dead animals is now turning his hand to the conservation of living creatures.