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a locomotor response toward or away from an external stimulus by a motile (and usually simple) organism

the surgical procedure of manually restoring a displaced body part

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Certainly the landlord in granting HBO a net lease accepted a reduced rent in contemplation of the fact that HBO would pay the real estate taxes along with the increase in those taxes.
Although the opportunity to lower taxes by transferring income-producing assets to children under 18 is curtailed by the kiddie tax, putting a child's funds in investments that produce little or no current taxable income can help avoid the tax; see RIA's Complete Analysis of the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005, [paragraph] 204.
IRS estimates a corporate tax gap in the tens of billions of dollars, but also acknowledges that this estimate is not based on robust, recent and reliable research." (1) The tax gap estimate is itself an aggregation of estimates for three types of noncompliance, underreporting of tax liabilities on tax returns, underpayment of taxes due from filed returns and underpayment of taxes due to the failure to file a required return altogether or on time.
Additional paid-in capital 595 (To adjust current tax expense and taxes payable to recognize the current accounting tax benefit upon exercise of options) If all the same facts as above hold true except the options expire unexercised, there would be no deduction on the company's tax return.
Bottom line, an increased awareness of the impact that transaction taxes have on the overall supply chain, sourcing decisions, customer satisfaction, cash flow, "quote-to-cash" and "procure-to-pay" processes can create business value beyond "tax savings." Is there another function that touches every single transaction in and out of the company, and in such a big way?
Congress had been considering only higher tariffs and excise taxes to pay for the war.
* Trying to eliminate payroll taxes would bring Social Security into the tax reform debate.
That's not including money you could save on your state income taxes. Moreover, Investing in tax-free and tax-deferred vehicles increases the value of your money over time-funds that otherwise would have gone to Uncle Sam.
The flat and consumption taxes are criticized for regressivity.
The city's and state's aggressive application of tax statutes is manifested in attempts to charge both sales and utility taxes on commercial owners who charge for non-metered electricity and other traditional tenant services, such as overtime HVAC.
However, 45 states have adopted use taxes as counterparts to their sales taxes; most have been on the books since the late 1940s.
This has been driven by factors like financial reporting requirements related to accounting for income taxes, Sarbanes-Oxley and transparency requirements, and disclosure.
Fortunately, this complex tax policy has been constrained by civil rights concerns of those who view exit taxes as inappropriate barriers to free population movement, historically used by totalitarian-style regimes to detain their oppressed inhabitants.
Trade disputes with European countries are nothing new, but the emergence of the European Union (EU) has brought new muscle to the European side--muscle the EU has been flexing over taxes and tariffs.
Self-employed taxpayers may have adjusted their estimated taxes to reflect the new brackets.