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Synonyms for tax

Synonyms for tax

a compulsory contribution, usually of money, that is required for the support of a government

a duty or responsibility that is a source of anxiety, worry, or hardship

to place a burden or heavy load on

to force to work

to make an accusation against

Synonyms for tax

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The heirs should be allowed to make a post-mortem commitment to keep the inherited land in forests and be taxed at that value rather than being mugged by taxers for their relatives' lack of pre-death planning.
Thus, although the states handled taxation differently, the end result was very little money for Congress, even though legislative taxers and reliefers in the states agreed that the central government ought to be paid.
Knights of Labor, Single Taxers, Christian Socialists, and advocates of the Social Gospel, inspired by the threatening specter of conflict between workers and employers, attempted to reassert the transcendent vision of a producer's community.
And because it allows taxes only on businesses within the taxers' jurisdictions, an origin-based tax is in line with constitutional protections for interstate commerce.
According to Hudson, Single Taxers had 'a highly negative view of government', and George 'sided with free-enterprise advocates whose major objective was to minimize the role of government' (p.
An additional complication for the president and for tax-deform backers is the bitter war on the right between flat taxers and sales taxers.
But its fate at the hands of special interest lobbies in Austin should serve as a cautionary tale for flat taxers and sales taxers at the national level.
The tax reform the country needs would not shift even more of the tax burden onto an individual's labor, as the work taxers -- excuse me, "flat" taxers -- want to do.
STILL four months to go before water bills arrive and already the tap taxers are flying into a blind panic.
Democrats as taxers and fails to put forward a positive vision of what Dems will do for average Americans.