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The issue on the taxability of recreational clubs thus set in after the club's income tax exemption was deleted under the NIRC of 1997.
At present, only taxpayers are required to register with the FBR whereas those individuals deriving business income who are not required to file their returns as they fall below the taxability threshold are not required to register at all.
However, to initiate a study, a practitioner should request tax calendars, returns, workpapers, taxability matrices for each state, and policy manuals from the subject company.
THE Central Board of Excise and Customs ( CBEC) on Wednesday came out with extensive list of frequently asked questions ( FAQs) detailing taxability of e- commerce players and taxi aggregators under the proposed GST regime which the government wants to roll out by April1 next year.
Finance Ministries and departments of the four provinces should create harmony on right of taxability as the taxpayers were facing double taxation on the basis of origin and destination.
The emergence and rapid growth of cloud-based software solutions have brought with them a fog of uncertainty over the taxability and sourcing of these offerings.
This exercise may be especially meaningful to some seniors because adjusting AGI can have a significant impact on the taxability of their Social Security benefits.
It also examines changing legislation and court cases in order to shed light on the taxability of whistleblower awards.
SureTax Telecom covers over 600 taxability rules across over 7,000 jurisdictions in the US, Canada and the US territories.
Setting aside the public's association of bitcoin with illegal activity, issues with theft and bankruptcy and ongoing debates about bitcoin regulation, there is also the issue of the taxability of the virtual currency.
It also proves that this spurious health issue was always about taxability over principal.
But the dividend's taxability did change earlier this year, something that few analysts are talking about.
If the company has not utilized an automated solution, keeping track of the more than 14,000 tax authorities and numerous product taxability decisions is burdensome.
In this series of seminars further light was shed on a range of tax areas including the taxability of listed companies, the issue of capital gains tax in relation to the conversion of a foreign branch registered in Saudi Arabia into a LLC, and the taxation of resident companies in which 50 per cent of the shares are held by a Qatari or UAE national.