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Synonyms for tax-exempt

a security that is not subject to taxation

(of goods or funds) not taxed

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But the Court of Appeals said the circuit court erroneously included tax-exempt property owners including the local park service, the federal government, the state and a church in its calculation of the land.
The guidance allows tax-exempt and taxable employers to use any reasonable method for 2018 to determine the increase in UBTI or the amount of nondeductible expenses.
He said raising the ceiling for tax-exempt housing sales to P3 million would help in his advocacy for on-site or near-city resettlement programs for illegal settlers.
* Vanguard California Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt Fund Investor (VCAIX) and Admiral (VCADX) shares declined one and three basis points to 0.19% and 0.09%, respectively.
512(b), passive income from either alternative or direct investments generally does not constitute unrelated business taxable income (UBTI) to tax-exempt entities, this income, even if it is passive, may be classified as UBTI under Sec.
A business of about $10 billion in annual revenues, the NFL has held tax-exempt status since the 1940s and so was required to file a publicly available IRS form listing compensation for the highest-paid employees.
Purisima said the lifting of trading restrictions on Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Social Security System (SSS) and other tax-exempt institutions will boost liquidity and promote greater price discovery leading to a much deeper debt local market.
The publication--Voluntary Compliance for Tax-Exempt and Tax-Credit Bonds--highlights information that issuers should consider to ensure that their tax-advantaged bonds comply with related federal tax law requirements.
The Obama Administration's 2014 budget proposal would impose a 28 percent benefit cap on tax-exempt municipal bond interest for high-income taxpayers.
The first step tax-exempt organizations may take toward establishing an international presence is opening a bank account or other financial account overseas.
America First Tax Exempt Investors will use the proceeds to purchase more tax-exempt revenue bonds and other investments to achieve its investment goals, as well as for general working capital needs.
The overall number of tax-exempt organizations in the United States dropped by 18 percent last year as the number of applications for tax-exempt status declined by about 7 percent compared to 2010.
Compendium of Studies of Tax-Exempt Organizations, 1989-1998
Individuals serving on nonprofit boards or otherwise involved with a nonprofit organization should be aware that hundreds of thousands of small nonprofit organizations are at risk of losing their federal tax-exempt status for failing to file 2007, 2008 and 2009 federal tax returns.
America First Tax Exempt Investors LP, a company that buys and sells tax-exempt mortgage revenue bonds, has announced that it has received funding from Freddie Mac.