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a reduction in the gross amount on which a tax is calculated

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The first move was exploding the tax write-off myth.
The changes in the cost recovery provisions significantly decreased the present value of real property tax write-offs and, hence, increased the present value of the taxes to be paid on the returns on investment in such property.
He added the Government should ensure that people who brought Irish banks to the brink weren't rewarded with tax write-offs.
So having a tax write-off each year for 15 years is a huge benefit in the generally accepted accounting practices world."
GWC could donate the burdensome widgets through a nonprofit broker organization; an environmental group could benefit from its sale on the open market, and GWC would get a tax write-off.
Because the transaction was without economic substance and its primary factor was the "extravagant tax write-off," it was a tax-motivated transaction under Sec.
Under the Enhanced Capital Allowances regime, businesses of any size are able to claim a 100% tax write-off on their spending on qualifying cars and plant and machinery.
"People want more than a tax write-off. There's also money available if someone has more advanced stage projects.
And since many of these services are nonprofit, customers get a tax write-off, too.
"You've got the tax write-off from the interest you pay on the mortgage, and you build equity over the time you own the home, And, if you rent the property later, you get depreciation from taxes and can create a positive cash flow from the rental," he says.
"This tax write-off is so wrong that an incoming government should repeal it, if it is not withdrawn before the election."
It took well into the eighties to be fully evident." He offers a personal benchmark for the change, from his days covering urban affairs: "One day a group of us were discussing the government's efforts to bring about a better order of economic justice--people really did talk about things like that back then." An idea discussed seriously in academic circles was broached--taking away some of the home mortgage tax write-off and using the money for low-income housing.
Since I am single and don't have any kids, I decided it was time for me to get a tax write-off," she jests.
Propped up by the PDs and four independents, he found himself under fire in the Dail over the Haughey tax write-off debacle.
One concern is that charitable donations would suffer if they couldn't be used as a tax write-off. "Deductions signal what kind of society we are, what kind of priorities we have and that they are important ones," says Reuben.