tax write-off

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a reduction in the gross amount on which a tax is calculated

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The tax write-off reduces to 20% of cost if the Co2 emission range is 111/160g/km and reduces further to 10% once the 160g/km level is breached.
Because the transaction was without economic substance and its primary factor was the "extravagant tax write-off," it was a tax-motivated transaction under Sec.
An idea discussed seriously in academic circles was broached--taking away some of the home mortgage tax write-off and using the money for low-income housing.
A Los Angeles-area couple cannot use their Jewish school tuition payments as a tax write-off similar to deductions members of the Church of Scientology receive from the Internal Revenue Service, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.
And since many of these services are nonprofit, customers get a tax write-off, too.
You've got the tax write-off from the interest you pay on the mortgage, and you build equity over the time you own the home, And, if you rent the property later, you get depreciation from taxes and can create a positive cash flow from the rental," he says.
The merchandise - including costume jewelry and a three-piece ceramic canister set - are donated by residents who get a tax write-off.
tax write-off as well as the tax credits related to the flow through shares.
Since I am single and don't have any kids, I decided it was time for me to get a tax write-off," she jests.
The first thing I would do is pay my tithe to the Good Lord - my 10 percent - then I would feed the homeless, buy boxes of food, canned goods, donate it to churches and get it back as a tax write-off,'' said Mark Bias, a 37-year-old self-employed dump truck driver from Palmdale who bought 20 $1 chances at a fortune.
4 million after tax write-off of receivables from prior years.
Unless you want to take your loss before year's end to take a tax write-off, I'd say hang on to it.
The interest expense that is treated as a tax write-off by the issuer must be declared by investors as interest income -- even though, in the case of zero-coupon bonds, this income is not realized in cash.
OH, 'BROTHER': CBS decides to cut its losses and dump ``Big Brother'' a day early with a one-hour tax write-off tonight - who'll win the medium-sized cash prize?
Not only did Quackenbush pay off his wife's debts with our tax money, and not only did he give the insurance companies a billion-dollar-break, we now find out that the way he set up the funds, the large insurance companies can write the contributions off as a tax write-off.