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a legal system for assessing and collecting taxes

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There is chaos everytime we make changes to the tax system,'' he said, adding that this includes within the State Revenue Service.
He said that the board was also especially focusing on reducing human interference in the tax system by introducing many reforms and promoting automation process for improving effectiveness
State Secretary Snel: A properly functioning tax system is the foundation for a financially healthy country; without it the house collapses.
The delegation called on the minister and and discussed with him various tax issues for improving tax system of the country, a press release said.
More interesting are the comments on any online news regarding tax system. Many economists and even Auditor General Tanka Mani Sharma have urged the government to correct the tax system immediately.
According to Sawada, a 'good' tax system goes beyond revenue generation and has seven other features, including equity, efficiency, competitiveness, stability and predictability, ease of administration and compliance.
The UAE has the most comprehensive electronic tax system in the region, said the Federal Tax Authority, FTA, during an introductory workshop it organised at the Department of Economic Development of Ras al-Khaimah.
"Tunisia is not a tax haven and its tax system is transparent," he said, adding that "the European side believes that preferential systems are bad for their economies."
"The application of the tax system will not affect the country's competitiveness because it is among the lowest in the world."
upon the operation of the national economy, the conduct of business, the organization of industry and the positions of individuals; and to make recommendations for improvements in the tax laws and their administration that may be consistent with the maintenance of a sufficient flow of revenue." In particular, it was to look into "the distribution of burdens among taxpayers," the economic effects of the tax system, loopholes that needed to be closed, the effects of taxes on income and investement flows, using taxation to encourage Canadian ownership of Canadian industry without discouraging foreign investment and "the changes that may be made to achieve greater clarity, simplicity and effectiveness in the tax laws or their administration" (pp.
It has produced a manifesto ahead of the General Election in May, challenging all political parties "to stop the relentless tinkering and short-term approach to changes in the UK's tax system".
The UK tax system is costing small businesses in the region up to PS2 billion in hidden costs a year, according to new research from AAT (The Association of Accounting Technicians).
Professor Rita de la Feria, of Durham Law School, said changing the law to implement a destination-based corporate tax system was the fairest way of ensuring that major organisations could not use the current tax system to avoid paying corporation tax.
* Senior financial executives are attracted to the main elements of the Camp discussion draft--fiscally responsible corporate tax reform that promotes economic growth through a competitive statutory corporate tax rate and an internationally competitive participation exemption (territorial) tax system
But to accurately assess the competitiveness of the Canadian tax system and its relative tax burden, the Government must consider not only the tax rate but also the tax base.