tax revenue

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government income due to taxation

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WASHINGTON, April 8, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- State government tax revenue increased by 6.
The 2009 tax revenue in the third quarter totaled $266.
The scenario is that the access road needed to make the plaza possible could be partly financed by a share of the sales tax revenue generated by the plaza,'' the city treasurer, Darren Hernandez, said Wednesday.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Fitch has assigned an 'A+' rating to the Avondale, Arizona Municipal Development Corporation (the corporation) $18,205,000 excise tax revenue bonds, series 2006 (the bonds).
In January 2007, national income tax revenues totaling 1.
9 million outstanding parity sales tax revenue bonds at 'AA';
The agreement announced Wednesday calls for the Ventura City Council to repeal an ordinance that halted the city's long-standing practice of sharing its sales tax revenue with the county.
The general fund receives a sizeable transfer of excess utility tax revenues each year from the utility tax revenue fund.
But what many do not realize is that we achieved these surpluses by restraining spending and by cutting taxes to stimulate the economy, thus producing higher incomes and thus higher income tax revenues.
Financial operations are largely dependent on sales tax revenue, which represents a high 42% of total revenues.
State law permits cities to release top sales tax revenue generators, but for privacy purposes, cities may not rank them in order or release individual sales tax figures.
In each case the city would sell the dealers land, but would deduct from the purchase price dollar-for-dollar the amount of sales tax revenue the dealers generate, up to the full price of the purchase.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Fitch rates the Regional Transportation District, Colorado's (RTD) initial offering of $600 million sales tax revenue bonds (FasTracks Project) series 2006A 'AA-'.
Continuing a steady upward trend, sales tax revenue increased by 8.
Supporters said the measure would eliminate bidding wars over sales tax revenue.