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rate used to calculate tax liability

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Keywords: Effective tax rate, structural model, default risk, fixed debt, stationary leverage, optimized leverage
In its latest Corporate Tax Rate Report, WalletHub analyzed the annual reports for the largest and most established companies on the stock market, aka the S&P 100, in order to determine their tax rates at the state, federal and international levels.
The Beaverton-based athletic apparel maker paid one of the highest international tax rates among its peers on the Standard & Poor's list of the 100 biggest companies on the U.
The macro approaches compute the effective tax rates based on aggregated macroeconomic data, contained in the national accounting of individual states.
Palmieri, for instance, called for the establishment of a task force to discuss tax rate issues six months prior to this year's tax classification hearing.
1 Corporate Income Tax Rate (1) Country Central Adjusted Subcentral Combined Targeted government central government corporate corporate corporate government corporate income tax tax rates income tax corporate income tax rate (5) (6) rate (2) income tax rate (4) rate (3) Australia * 30.
According to one study, the effective tax rate has shrank to close to 10 percent.
The average tax rate determines the amount of funds transferred from taxpayers to the government.
Further, parents who had planned to sell a child's college stock portfolio in 2006 when the child reached 14 now have to wait if they intend to take advantage of the latter's lower tax rate.
Since the latest statewide figures show that local property taxes account for 57 percent of all public education revenue, the gaping differences--between local property tax rates and the money these taxes generate--lie at the heart of what many contend is one of the nation's most inequitable school funding systems.
In budget legislation announced last May, the Government introduced proposals to (1) reduce the corporate income tax rate from 21 percent to 19 percent over a period of years through 2010 and (2) eliminate the corporate surtax by 2008.
For example, in Missouri the marginal state income tax rate is 6% for most taxpaying residents.
The tax rate of so-called third-category beer is 69 yen per liter, compared with 222 yen for beer.
But the 2004 Tax Act increases the size of the 15 percent tax rate bracket for joint returns to twice the size of the corresponding tax rate bracket for single returns effective for 2005-07.