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a program for setting taxes


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Through its free tax program, Food Bank helps more working New Yorkers obtain refunds and credits that can boost their overall financial stability, including the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which can be worth up to $8,293 for working families.
The Ministry of Finance (MOF) estimated that during the four-year period from 2013 through 2016 for the application of the double-track system, only 20,000 investors will be affected by the tax program.
export tax program into conformity with the nation's WTO obligations, triggering an abolition of the EU's retaliatory duties.
He created and moderates the annual AICPA Conference on Tax Strategies for the High-Income Individual, serves on three editorial boards, and is a member of the National Board of Advisors for the New York University Law School Graduate Tax Program.
TaxCut State: One free state income tax program with mail-in rebate, then $24.
native supervised the command's tax program, which was viewed as the best tax program afloat.
Subsequently, Cohen, RPS and the landowner's representatives met with Woodbridge Township officials to discuss structuring a tax program that would allow lease negotiations to proceed.
Not surprisingly, objective analysts often reach quite different conclusions about the impact of a specific outlay or tax program, even without trying to trace the feedback effects on the budget estimates from resulting changes in GDP and other macroeconomic variables.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Golden Gate University (GGU) was recently ranked among the top schools in the country in two recent graduate tax program surveys by JobsInTax, part of the TaxTalent network, the largest online network for tax professionals.
Phase 2 will require voter and City Council approval of a future 1/4 Cent Sales Tax Program.
Taipei, June 1, 2012 (CENS)--Chang Sheng-ho, newly appointed minister of finance, said yesterday (May 31) that his primary mission for the moment is to have the Legislative Yuan pass stock transaction gains tax bill in the current session and that the tax program should hit the road first, before undergoing further revision should there arises any problem later on.
Still in the concept stage: The ability to download state wage, withholding, and ES payments directly into a tax program.
As the president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is quoted in the Daily News, ``Whenever there are these feel-good programs like the tobacco tax program, you can bet your last cigarette that the money will not be spent wisely.
When you license one federal in-house tax program you receive REP access to all other programs.
5 million Brazilians filing tax returns over the Web, says Luiz Carlos Rocha de Oliveira, national supervisor of the Brazilian government's Income Tax Program.