tax policy

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a program for setting taxes


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In her new role, Koch will continue the development of the EY network of tax policy professionals across member firms in more than 30 countries in the Americas.
As tax-reform discussions continue in Washington, this report highlights important ways in which federal tax policy can incentivize certain types of investment in startups.
The remit of the group is to: Provide advice and support in the development of devolved tax policy and administration in Wales; Give advice on the wider impact of Welsh devolved tax policy on stakeholders and the economy and social fabric of Wales; and Improve communication across a range of stakeholders with regards to devolved tax policy, its collection and management, to better inform Welsh Government devolved tax consultations and legislation.
She has also served on the Tax Policy and Simplification Committee, the Worker Classification/Workload Compression Task Force, the Strategic Planning Task Force, the Tax Accounting Committee, and the Sales Tax on Services Task Force.
In fact, 88 percent of respondents believe that raising revenue will be a significant tax policy priority of the administration in 2013.
8220;We are honored to present TCPI's Pillar of Excellence Award to Larry for his significant and continuing role in shaping tax policy.
Folks are going to see a significant tax increase regardless of where they are in the income distribution," Tax Policy director Donald Marron said in introducing the study.
At the same time, tax policy has implications for incentivizing economic activity, savings, production or consumption, and hence growth.
The authors state that a goal in writing the book is to provide an introduction to tax policy in the United States, highlighting the ways in which women are uniquely affected by our tax system.
Poterba has been Director of the NBER Public Economics Research Program since 1991 and has edited volumes 6-20 of Tax Policy and the Economy.
Brunori's discussions of state tax policy in general, of the major kinds of state taxes, and non-tax revenues are grounded solidly in fact and theory, but they are also discussed in the context of how they actually work in the arenas of state politics and state-federal relations.
Noting that the position has been open since December 2003, the organization called it "critical" to the development of effective tax policy and administration to fill the slot as quickly as possible.
Encyclopedia of Taxation and Tax Policy, Second Edition
Working with specialists who understand government economic development incentives, they are developing a strategic tax policy that creates tangible bottom-line benefits while simultaneously addressing location and labor issues.
Tax policy will remain a hot button issue in this year's presidential election.