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lien of which a tax collector may avail himself in default of taxes (analogous to a judgment lien)

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Seller, Gallatin County Treasurer; buyer, John Barisano; Mobile Home Tax Lien.
And here are 2 reasons why it can be more profitable to buy secondary tax liens from another investor than purchasing them at the tax sale
The following tax lien information is recorded in Chelan and Douglas counties:
A tax lien attaches for as long as the deficiency taxes as well as interest and surcharges have not been paid.
Tenders are invited for Purchase Of Delinquent Municipal Tax Liens
A Little Rock engineering firm is continuing to battle the IRS over tax liens.
The Complete Guide to Real Estate Tax Liens and Foreclosure Deeds
As a pre-requisite to closing, the professional should take into consideration open mortgages that have not been properly satisfied of record that show on the report, missing assignment of mortgages, breaks in the chain of title, judgments, federal tax liens, lis pendens and tax liens, to name a few.
DC DC 1992) held that, because the anti-alienation provisions in a pension plan were "ineffective against Federal tax liens," they were not enforceable against the IlLS under applicable nonbankruptcy law, under Section 541(c) (2).
But their former double-wide has dogged them ever since with tax liens, soiled credit and the destruction of their dream-home dream.
It held that a federal tax lien attaches to property inherited by a taxpayer, even if that taxpayer later disclaims any interest in the property under state law.
Municipalities are rapidly turning to privatization of tax lien certificates because of the clear benefits involved.
When a tax lien is created, the unpaid taxes accrue at high interest rates until they are paid.
Rather, regulations under section 461(h)(2)(D) could properly provide that economic performance occurs at the time the tax lien attaches or the tax is assessed.
When a home sells for less than the loan balance, FTB can sometimes remove its tax lien from the property to allow the homeowner to complete the sale.