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lien of which a tax collector may avail himself in default of taxes (analogous to a judgment lien)

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"I put together a similar tax lien investing kit 10 years ago, to help investors who want to invest in tax liens or tax deeds but didn't know how to get started.
Internal Revenue Code 7425(b) provides that property subject to a tax lien remains subject to the lien following a nonjudicial foreclosure sale unless the IRS is given at least 30 days' notice of the foreclosure sale.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-June 5, 2018-1st Commercial Credit introduces funds for businesses with tax liens
Seller, Gallatin County Treasurer; buyer, John Barisano; Mobile Home Tax Lien.
The following tax lien information is recorded in Chelan and Douglas counties:
A tax lien attaches for as long as the deficiency taxes as well as interest and surcharges have not been paid.
on a frequent basis and [IRS agents] have not been able to contact the taxpayer") and be subject to a filed Notice of Federal Tax Lien (IRM, [section]
A Little Rock engineering firm is continuing to battle the IRS over tax liens.
The tax commissioner, however, denied the exemption because Sylvania did not own the property as of January 1, 2005, the tax lien date of that year.
The Complete Guide to Real Estate Tax Liens and Foreclosure Deeds
In addition to untimely resolution of lien cases on these exception reports, all of which ultimately affect the timely release of tax liens, we found that one report had a serious design flaw in that it was not cumulative, meaning that accounts from one week's report that were not resolved did not carry over to the following week's report.
Federal tax lien payoffs and real estate tax liens, however, should be worked on in conjunction with the title agent.
The IRS had mixed success in advancing the position that its secured claim includes the value of a debtor's interest in a pension plan subject to a Federal tax lien (compare In re McIver, 255 BP.
Municipalities are rapidly turning to privatization of tax lien certificates because of the clear benefits involved.
Since tax liens are usually a relatively small percentage of the value of the property (5 to 20 percent), property owners or banks holding the mortgage will generally want to extinguish the tax lien rather than risk foreclosure on the property.