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the body of laws governing taxation

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The committee is comprised of nine board certified tax law attorneys who work throughout the state.
Cheetah for Tax Law is designed to enable tax attorneys to get to the information and insights they need immediately, thereby dramatically increasing their effectiveness and enabling them to deliver the highest value per hour to clients.
The broad tax law interpretations and use of Virtual PE concepts by tax authorities to determine taxable presence and taxable activity may not be line with the traditional interpretation of income tax laws and international double tax treaty conventions.
The Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) ruled yesterday that clauses in the tax law are unconstitutional.
The new tax law provides for clarity by specifying a 90-day threshold in a tax year for creating a service PE.
Hohenwarter lectures Austrian individual and corporate income tax law and Austrian VAT law and coached the Austrian team winning the "European and International Moot Court Competition" in 2006 and 2007.
When a tax position is taken that does not meet the more-likely-than-not requirement, FIN 48 requires the enterprise to recognize interest expense in the first period that the interest would begin accruing under relevant tax law.
As in election years past, Americans United in 2006 is ramping up its "Project Fair Play," a special effort to educate religious leaders about federal tax law and political activity.
The FindLaw Tax Law guide is presented in an eclectic table-of-contents format.
The United States claimed that its tax law was not a subsidy.
He went on to identify areas of the tax law that pose particular difficulties for small business owners that need clarification.
tax law and subject to a tax treaty, if one exists, with the taxpayer's resident country.
The tax law currently bumps the exemption ceiling to $3.
The 2003 tax law has been billed as a bonanza for investors, thanks to reduced rates on dividend income and long-term capital gains, but a sizable chunk of the $350 billion in promised tax cuts is available to business owners too (see "Avoiding Year-end Tax Traps," this issue).
The federal government giveth and the state taketh away," said Lary Wolf, a partner at Roberts & Holland LLP, at the REBNY tax law changes seminar last week at the Cornell Club.