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government income due to taxation

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The Committee has postponed the new tax income draft law approval until tomorrow [Tuesday] in order for the general session to discuss the budget for the Financial Year 2013-2014," said Kamal Beshara, a member of the Committee.
Hsu, deputy director general of the MOF's Department of Statistics, said it's still too early to judge whether the imposition of the luxury tax has led to the reduction of land transactions and land value increment tax income.
The MOF's tallies that land value increment tax income amounted to NT$5.
Reuters has reported that the government of Bulgaria is planning to tax income from bank deposits.
Government units, though, still differ in the usages of energy and environmental tax income.
Although the female headed single parent family after tax income was about $29,081 or about 8.
30, 1994, HMO Products reported pre- tax income of $7.
For the six months ended June 30, 1994, HMO Products reported pre- tax income of $5.
This compares with second quarter 1993 revenues of $3,475,000 and pre- tax income of $7,863.
Our other Specialty Products and Services posted fourth quarter pre- tax income of $65,000 on revenue of $2.
available alternative' that the tax incomes make up 40 percent of the state expected general incomes and about 15 percent of the Gross Domestic Production.
With the wasted tax incomes, almost 25 percent of the general earnings never reach the state safe.